10 Jan 2012

Occupy The Midwest Conference: March 15-18th, St. Louis, MO

Occupy St. Louis and numerous other Occupies from dozens of cities throughout the midwest are working hard to make this conference in March a success. The conference will be fun, but it will also be about organizing, developing strategy and ideas for the future and making it clear the Occupy

30 Dec 2011

Martin Luther King 1967 Speaks To Occupations Everywhere In America in 2011

For those of us who understand the critical historical moment we are in and who also understand that the Occupy movement represents the best hope we have as a people for fundamental changes in how our economic and political system works I recommend listening closely to the words of the

28 Dec 2011

What do we charge the oil companies for the 5th Fleets Services?

As the pre-war propaganda against the infinitely threatening and evil regime in Iran heats up the US today beat its chest loudly around the world that the US Navy’s 5th Fleet would make sure that the waters of the Gulf and all shipping lanes will remain open to make sure

22 Feb 2011

The Time Has Come To Fight! Call For Demonstrations Nationwide!

It’s time to pick a day for every American who has had enough of the rich fattening themselves up while 20 million or more remain unemployed!

16 Dec 2010

DC Democrats: Dumb, Gullible and Cowardly Group Of Politicians Or The Most Dumb, Gullible and Cowardly Group Of Politicians Ever?

If it wasn’t so serious nobody would believe this is happening. Even the most jaundiced observer has to be left speechless this evening as Harry Reid is forced to withdraw the $1.3 Trillion Ominbus Spending Bill after the Republicans (including the reprehensible liar McConnel of Kentucky) reward their Democratic colleagues

24 Sep 2010

Shades Of The White House Correspondents Dinner Batman! Colbert Shames The Ruling Elite… Again!

Colbert Testifies On Behalf of Migrant Farmworkers And Shames The Ruling Elite… Again!

23 Sep 2010

DC Democrats Show True Colors By Avoiding Tax Cut Vote

DC Democrats are cowards who say they are for the people but who are really only for themselves.