17 Sep 2014

$30 Million Reward for Info on Who Shot Down Malaysia MH17

The organization wifka is offering a $30 Million reward for information leading to the identifies of those responsible for the shooting down of MH17. Specifically, they are looking for: – Who gave the order? – Who covers up the shoot down? (Also, if it was by accident and not out

01 Sep 2014

Update on “Suicide” of Handcuffed Man in LA

Benjamin Crump, the attorney representing the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, is calling for the Feds to investigate the “suicide” of Victor White. Saying the explanation by the Louisiana authorities “fundamentally defies all logic” he asked: … why police initially said White was shot in the back but

25 Aug 2014

Coroner Contradicts Police, Says Handcuffed Man Shot in Front, Not Back

Yet still rules it a suicide. On March 3, 2014, Victor White was arrested by Louisiana Iberia Parish police and patted down, TWICE, and handcuffed behind his back and placed in a police cruiser for transport. On arrival at the station, after police vacated the cruiser, they reported hearing a

25 Jun 2014

House to Sue the President for “Not Faithfully Executing the Laws of the United States”

From the “Puh-lease” department … House Speaker John Boehner will file a lawsuit against the Obama administration for its use of executive actions to change laws, he formally announced Wednesday. Now before anyone begins cheering the beginning of accountability for the Constitutional transgressions of the Obama administration, let me clear some

11 Apr 2014

Government Confiscating Tax Refunds Of Children Over Parents’ Debts – UPDATED

No, the title is not some sort of late April Fool’s joke, although I suppose in some weird way maybe it is. After all, April 15 is tax day. But this joke isn’t remotely funny. Got plans for your refund? Better hope your parents didn’t die owing the government money then, because

15 Feb 2014

NBC Headline: “Pot Fuels Surge in Drugged Driving Deaths”

Here is a link to an NBC story with the headline above. At first I couldn’t bring myself to read this because I assumed it was propaganda, and was too angry to want to waste my time.  So I emailed FDL the link and am hoping Jon Walker might take

08 Nov 2013

A Real Life Obamacare Example

We’ve all seen/heard/participated in the debates surrounding Obamacare, and all of those debates could likely fill an ocean if they were printed on paper in small font.  There has been information, misinformation, disinformation, lies, claims, and promises from both sides that would total in the trillions of words I’m sure. 

13 Oct 2013

Who needs Chained-CPI?

Social Security raise to be among lowest in years.   That’s the headline that greeted my logging on to check my email this afternoon. Preliminary figures suggest a benefit increase of roughly 1.5 percent, which would be among the smallest since automatic increases were adopted in 1975, according to an

07 Aug 2013

All of Our Problems, Explained in One Paragraph

I was reading The Guardian when I stumbled across a piece by Ana Marie Cox that included a paragraph that succinctly explains the root to all of our problems. After pointing out that Republican critics of current spying on Americans claim that the reason not so many on the left are

24 Jul 2013

Chris Hedges Says What I’ve Been Thinking For Some Time

I mean, part of the Occupy movement is they had that kind of bourgeois liberal notion of tolerance. You know, everything is okay. Well, everything isn’t okay. You know, if we’re going to build a political force that is going to counter systems of power that seek to destroy us,