07 Oct 2011

Something You Did Not Know About Infrastructure

I haul very heavy oilfield equipment, mostly gas compressors.  Typically once loaded my gross vehicle weight is a quarter of a million pounds.  I am required to buy a permit from each state I enter and they charge a significant fee for such a permit.  This permit tells me what

07 Oct 2011

An Occupy Wall Street Analogy

There is an Urban Legend among truck drivers, about a driver delivering to a warehouse. Now this particular warehouse, he particularly hates to deliver to. Usually, after a driver opens his trailer doors and backs into the dock, he gets to spend precious bunk time while waiting to load or

06 Aug 2011

The Empire Strikes Back

So the Banksters took a big shitpile of glass shards, bent nails, Dioxin and fourteen pages of quadratic equations, stuffed it into a box and slapped a label on it that said “Breast Milk.”  They walked over to the credit rating agencies for some shiny, gold plated, triple AAA rating

08 Jul 2011

To The Victor Goes The Spoils

To The Victor Goes The Spoils. We were stunned at the stolen Presidential election in 2000 and watched in horror as they kicked open the doors of the Treasury to pay off their base. We screamed aghast as they unleashed mechanized doom on Iraqistan with mercenaries, no bid contracts and

19 May 2011

Five Easy Pieces

What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.  It’s an old sales slogan that means break things down where one does not become overwhelmed with daunting tasks. Like ending two wars. Like fixing the housing crisis. Like ending discrimination against women, gays, minorities and union members. Like global warming.

10 Dec 2010

Take The Deal

I know, I know, I’ll probably lose my firedoglake blogging privileges for this post…but, I endorse the begrudging acceptance of this deal.  Should the upper marginal tax rate been unhinged from the rest of the Bush tax cuts before the election and voted on?  Absolutely, but we can’t put shit

10 Nov 2010

The War Tax

Most politicians agree with the pay-go concept, with two exceptions–natural disasters and times of war. I feel if everyone has to pay, the neocons and war-cheerleaders won’t have as much sway in creating such a trigger-happy country.

31 Oct 2010

Food Sunday: A Bucket Of Whistle Fruit

What does the theory of osmosis have to do with beans? Just the most important thing in the history of earth. Or maybe not. But it is everything to a bean if you don’t want broken teeth.

30 Oct 2010

Weather Predictions

In the waning hours of the mid term elections, I thought I would provide a brief respite from all of the sound and fury.  I though about this the other day when I awoke in Hillsboro, TX to find spider webs clinging to light poles, highline wires, radio antennas and

29 Oct 2010

What’s Next

The massive losses by the Republican Party in 2006 and 2008 caused them to turn further to the right and become even more extreme.  If the Democrats suffer big losses in 2010, will it cause them to turn further to the left?  Why or why not?  Discuss.