04 Dec 2010

Capitalist, N., Synonym-See Sociopath

On this site and on others, I see wonder and despair as our government takes no action to rein in the the despicable behavior of our ruling economic class. Of course, it take no action because its leaders are members of that same economic class. Meanwhile, the corporate media and

13 Nov 2010

Obama Has Not Learned Lord North’s Lesson

In 1763, a peace treaty ended the first true world war. The British Empire had soundly defeated the French Empire from Canada to the West Indies to India. The Union Jack had gone global, and it would soon be said that “the sun never sets on the British Empire.” But

11 Nov 2010

The Media and Ignorance Mate to Produce a New Conspiracy Theory

Two days ago, a local TV news helicopter filmed a long contrail with something metallic at its apex approaching the California coast from the Pacific Ocean for about ten minutes.  Remember the ten minutes part; it’s critical. The newscaster said the thing looked like a missile. Within minutes, calls were

09 Nov 2010

Just In! The Democratic Party is Dead!

The coroner’s report is in: the Democratic Party was murdered by deliberate application of ideological poison. The Party was clearly ill after the electoral debacle of 1984, and none of the established remedies–mobilization of the unions and workers, appeals to the better angels of our nature, people standing up for

06 Nov 2010

The New Feudalism Echoes the Old

The old feudal order, like our current order controlled by the investor class, was based on illusion. When will the current illusion go poof?

30 Oct 2010

Are We the New Visigoths?

Extreme inequality of wealth and oppurtunity always results in injustice, but that injustice can be successfully resisted…