29 Nov 2014

Imagine; A Satire

Imagine America is being reported upon in another country, being reported upon by that country’s heavily government-influenced press. Imagine that that country has at least as much or more military might than America actually does, and imagine that that same country has had , let’s just say “serious differences,” with the

26 Nov 2014

Video of Police Shooting of 12 Year Old Child Looks Almost Like a Drive-By

Today, Cleveland Police released a surveillance camera video police shooting a 12 year old boy armed with an soft pellet pistol. While the police are saying the kid picked up the gun off of a picnic table and then reached for it, in spite of the poor quality of the

25 Nov 2014

Cleveland Protesters Shut Down Major Freeway For an Hour

Happening now, people protesting the Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury non-indictment are shutting down a major freeway near downtown Cleveland. In spite of the best efforts on the part of the local reporter to make it a race issue, most of the protesters are clearly white. So far, Cleveland Police are standing back

23 Nov 2014

Cleveland Police Kill 12 Year Old Boy Armed with (gasp!) BB Gun.

Yesterday afternoon, a rookie cop responding to a call about a juvenile with a gun that was “probably fake,” according to the citizen caller, shot the 12 year old in question in the stomach. The kid subsequently died. Details are scanty. The caller saw a kid playing with a gun,

16 Nov 2014

The Barbarian’s Sunday Food – Korhelyleves (Hungarian Sauerkraut Soup)

A wonderful Old-World peasant food to satisfy the appetite, the soul, the pocketbook, and maybe even the hangover, during this recent cold snap that has gripped much of the nation: Korhelyleves (Sauerkraut Soup) 1 TBS(tablespoons) vegetable oil 1 LB smoked kielbasa, (I use double smoked hot Magyar from Dohar’s Meats)

09 Nov 2014

The 2014 Midterms: Economic Class Issues Trumped Identity Politics

Ever since the decline of the American Empire really got going with the Oil Embargo of October 1973, the Democratic Party has been sliding more or less steadily to the right, and by that I mean towards the interests of capitalists. This trend really accelerated during the Clinton Administration, and

05 Nov 2014

Democrats Crushed in Ohio: What It Means, and What It Could Mean

Yesterday, Democrats in general were simply crushed in Ohio. Only 38% of voters turned out to give Republican Governor John Kasich a 31 point victory over the deeply flawed, corporatist Democratic nominee Ed Fitzgerald. I predicted something like this back in August, but the margin of Fitzgerald’s defeat exceeded even

30 Oct 2014

Reflections on Halloween

When I was a little kid in San Antonio in the 1960’s, Halloween was a huge holiday. Scores of kids would dress up in costumes, walk around local neighborhood blocks, and trick or treat, with the emphasis always on the treat part. Just about everybody participated, and those who didn’t

28 Oct 2014

Why the National 2014 Elections Just Don’t Matter to Most Americans

Several months ago, the Pew Research Center projected that voter turnout for the 2014 elections will be low, though they appear somewhat baffled as to why. My favorite Trotskyite Commies in Detroit, OTOH, know exactly why. And it’s not exactly rocket science. On economic, bread-and-butter issues, there is no significant

25 Oct 2014

Propaganda Alert: Chemical Weapons Again Being Used as Excuse for Imperial War in the Middle East

Remember Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” during the Bush II Administration?  Remember the Assad regime in Syria being accused of using chemical weapons by Obama as justification for American military intervention in Syria not so long ago? Remember first Prime Minister Cameron and then President Obama failing to get