01 Sep 2010

A Speech for Endless War

Last night’s Oval Office oratory: Barack Obama channeling Lyndon Johnson and George W. Bush

25 Aug 2010

For Sale: Healthcare Reform “Supplement” in Columbia Journalism Review

Readers might wonder about the criteria for the 12-page “supplement” on healthcare reform that accompanied a recent edition of the Columbia Journalism Review.

16 Aug 2010

Gen. Petraeus Goes to Media War

Hi-ho hi-ho it’s off to media war we go.

06 Aug 2010

Higher Education: How to Blow Up the World

A great educational institution, the University of California excels at the humanities, the sciences, history … and finding better ways to achieve nuclear holocaust.

27 Jul 2010

State of Denial: After the Big Leak, Spinning for War

How do you counteract the impact of documents that attest to the realities of a war? Pretend the war isn’t what it used to be.

01 Jul 2010

War Conformity in the Senate: It’s Unanimous!

Not one senator had the guts to vote against the new top general in Afghanistan who’s pledging to stay the course.

23 Jun 2010

From Great Man to Great Screwup

Behind the uproar over Gen. McChrystal is a basic problem: The war in Afghanistan can’t be won and shouldn’t be fought.

01 Jun 2010

Jane Harman and the Killing Aboard the Gaza Flotilla

A massacre or mere fiasco? While liberal media and political hacks offer excuses, Marcy Winograd is making Congresswoman Jane Harman sweat.

24 May 2010

Whaling, Drilling and Evading

Progressives must put up a fight — and that means taking on the Democratic Party establishment.

10 May 2010

Behind the Gushing: Kagan in Context

Let’s face it. The Kagan nomination is a huge blow to civil liberties — and part of a pattern of the Obama presidency.