10 Jan 2013

Lamar and the Science Committee…

Did you happen to see who Lamar “I soon realized that I was sitting next to the future Einsteins of the world, and I wasn’t one of them.” Smith (Dipshit-TX) appointed to the Science Subcommittees? Smith, “We now know that prominent scientists were so determined to advance the idea of

27 Apr 2012

Conspiracy Theories

It is in the vogue among some here lately to claim that this site is terribly prejudiced towards independents, third parties, and certain personalities.  We are told that this site is simply a Democratic front, and by extension, that most who were here prior to these worthies is an agent

24 Jan 2009

The NRO Greets Our New President

The National Review’s Contributors complain about Obama’s lousy Inaugaral Speeech, his stimulus plan, his past performanmce, Roe v Wade, the Left’s incivility, their persecution-The Right’s usual problems.

12 Dec 2008

Many More American Christians Believe in Ghosts than in Evolution According to Harris Poll

The latest Harris Poll addressing these issues contains some surprising data. Among American Protestants, there is an equal likelihood of them believing in evolution and witches.

11 Dec 2008

Harris County, TX Tax Assessor Collector & Democratic Vote Suppressor, Paul Bettencourt (R) Resigns!

Harris County Tax Assessor Collector, Republican Paul Bettencourt resigns in face of Democratic Party lawsuit. After being reelected, claims new, lucrative job beckons.

11 Dec 2008

A Suggestion for Obama’s Secretary of Education.

After the last years of NCLB and the effects it has had on education, we need a talented, experienced innovator. Doug Christensen is that person, he brings a track record of both innovative approaches to education and collaborative successes from his past positions.

14 Nov 2008

Up to 50 Lost Nukes During Cold War?

Der Spiegel claims that there are up to Fifty unaccounted for Nuclear Weapons from the Cold War days.

13 Nov 2008

Could You Be Arrested As A Drug Mule? The Answer May Surprise You…

Could you be arrested for carrying illegal substances next time you travel? The reality is that handcuffs, humilation and a jail stay is more probable than you might imagine.

12 Nov 2008

Navy Use Of Sonar Off California Coast OKed By SCOTUS or Weep For The Whales.

The US Navy has prevailed in it’s battle against environmentalists and will be allowed to conduct Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Exercises off the California coast.

11 Nov 2008

Was Cheney’s Participation In The Wreath Laying Ceremony At Tomb Of The Unknown Soldiers Appropriate?

I personally thought it was entirely abhorrent. All I could think of was his infamous quote; “I had other priorities”.