28 Aug 2009

Post Racist Obama Chia?

I did a quick internets search for Reagen Chia, Clinton Chia, Nixon Chia, and Ford Chia and didn’t find a legit product.  Before I get into some of the fallout and my reaction, what are Blender’s first reaction to this?

08 Jun 2009

Possible Bias Attack in Brooklyn

Two women are claiming that NYPD officers beat them outside of a Brooklyn bar on May 17th (be sure to check out the comments at the end of the full article): Two lesbians Saturday accused cops of beating them with nightsticks while hurling anti-gay slurs at them outside of a

01 Mar 2009

Not Guilty?

This guy is pleading not guilty to charges that he assaulted this 15-year-old girl: (Cross-posted at my blog.) NOTE FROM PAM: As if on cue, how about this statement from his defense attorney. Schene’s attorney Ann Bremner says the tape – which has no audio – does not tell the

11 Jul 2008

More Post-Racism Racism

The following can't be that big a deal. I mean, Tony Snow told us that “racism isn't that big a deal anymore.” From a story on recent events at Newark, NJ's University of Medicine and Dentistry: Three paramedics at Newark's University Hospital were fired this week after grainy images taken

06 Mar 2008

A Note On Taser Usage Statistics (updated)

(Updated below regarding Durham, NC and New Haven, CT) At my place, I'm getting a few hits from folks searching for statistics on taser usage; they’re landing on this post about some statistics out of Canada indicating that tasers do not reduce firearm usage. Disregarding the misguided notion, born in

04 Mar 2008

When Sick People Receive Aggression Training

This is what happens: a fun-time video shoot that captures a marine throwing a puppy from a cliff. YouTube took it down, but the video is out there. That link contains information about the soldier alleged to have done the throwing. Here's another non-US based link to the video. Be

29 Sep 2007

Another Hate Crime and More Missing Media

This is maddening. Right here in NYC, on September 11, 2007, members of a Manhattan Community College basketball team were attacked as they walked by the Patriot Saloon on Chambers Street in lower Manhattan, near City Hall. They were called racial epithets and told, “this is what slavery feels like,”

18 Aug 2007

OMG, I Don’t Want One

    (A golden baboon spider from Caring for your new tarantula) Since it's the weekend, I figured I'd share a story I saw on the local news last night.  Someone who owned one of these spiders here in the NYC area turned it over to the SPCA this week.

21 Jul 2007

Rant: Laugh Over Me

I've sat through the trailer for I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry several times now. Don't worry, I'm not going to tirade about a movie I haven't seen and don't intend to see. But, the trailer is very interesting. It's especially noteworthy given that the filmmakers asked The Gay

06 Jun 2007

NY State Elects First Openly Bisexual Legislator

Last night NYC’s Upper East Side (UES) elected NY state’s first openly bisexual legislator. Micah Kellner, a Democrat, has defeated Bloomberg endorsed Republican Greg Camp for the assembly seat in NY’s 65th district (the area east of 2nd Ave. from 60th St. to 90th St. and Roosevelt Island). Kellner will