25 Jul 2012

FIN! Victoire! D?a?y? ?5?5?:? ?H?u?n?g?e?r? ?S?t?r?i?k?e? ?F?o?r? ?J?u?s?t?i?c?e?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq_2GOoFaXE Well Obama came and went after stopping by Portland, OR for some, er, pancakes!? Back to business! Updates as I haz them. Come by and chat! Update: See the link to the announcement in the comments. Join us for the ???†É mañana! #Revolution247

24 Jul 2012

Day 54: Hunger Strike For Justice Continues

Our Hunger Striking man, Cameron, is still truckin’ and it’s gonna be an interesting study in stark contrasts as Obama and the small roving army that guards him— snipers and all— that we saw displayed in Oakland, CA yesterday is scheduled for fund raising today here in the Rose City.

22 Jul 2012

Day 54 5?3? A?p?p?r?o?a?c?h?e?s? in Portland, OR. Gentle Peeps Rev Your Engines. U Know What 2 Do!

We are blessed to have such rad, badass peace and justice activists rebutting the fundamental, false premises of the Rat Race! The roots of the dysfunctions of our community can be addressed. There’s no point in delaying your action in support and there’s a multiplicity of ways to do it.

21 Jul 2012

#PDXHunger Update: Hunger Strike 4 Housing Justice on Day 52 5?1? (with text of speech)

Yesterday was the EPIC Rally for Housing Justice marking the 50th day of Cameron Whitten’s all day, all night Hunger Strike For Housing Justice (text of speech): [Image] “How would you look?” [Image] @CameronWhitten at #pdxhunger rally Activists linked hands and circled City hall.

18 Jul 2012

Portland, OR: To The Phones!

Certainly this can be done now (Grievance 1.): City Commissioner Dan Saltzman can withdraw the fines on Michael Wright and Dan Cossette, co-owners of the Right 2 Dream Too Rest Area, and seek a peaceful resolution for this cost-free solution to homelessness for the remainder of the lease agreement. Please

17 Jul 2012

Looking At Your City— Day 49 4?8? 4?7?: Hunger Strike 4 Housing Justice

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbO_TynLYXY “Cameron Whitten: Hungry For Justice” The Hunger Strike 4 Housing Justice in Portland, OR is still going strong. I did a fly-by yesterday and Cameron isn’t giving up on the power of the people to find good solutions to the problems millions face in our cities but really shouldn’t.

14 Jul 2012

Live Blog of Hunger Strike 4 Housing Justice in Portland OR (no joke it’s Day 45 4?4? 4?3?)

It’s Saturday with a slight chance of thunderstorms (unusual here) and a high temperature of 81°F. Cameron Whitten is still on hunger strike for housing justice and a whole lot lighter. If you are new to this topic, here’s prior blogging with background to bring you up to date. Questions?

12 Jul 2012

43 4?2? 4?1? 4?0? 3?9? 3?8? 3?7? Days: Cameron Whitten Is Still on Hunger Strike for Housing Justice

“Zorg Pontificates” It’s now Day 41 and Cameron Whitten is continuing the Hunger Strike for Housing Justice despite local corporate “media” preferring to talk about rats at City Hall and play along with the Portland Police Bureau trying to work the booga booga factor in its supposed Federal approval-seeking for

08 Jul 2012

41 4?0? 3?9? 3?8? 3?7? Days: Portland’s Cameron Whitten on Hunger Strike for Housing Justice

You’ve met Cameron Whitten (on Twitter here), in Huxley’s prior excellent post, “Portland’s Cameron Whitten on Day 33 of Hunger Strike for Housing Justice” (July 4, 2012). I’ve been monitoring and making runs to check the situation myself as I mentioned. It’s suddenly starting to get really hot in Portland

10 May 2012

UPDATE: Liveblog – FLASH MOB 4 City 2 Restore Alicia Jackson’s H20 Service, Portland Water Bureau, OR

(update below) Previously on #M1GS Portlanders assisted Gulf War Vet Alicia Jackson (some photos here) in moving back into her home. While she was gone, the water bill for the empty NE Portland property accrued to $400 which is being fund-raised. Portlanders would like to know why the Portland Water