17 Mar 2009

Talk Show Endorses Violence Against Transgender People

GLAAD issued a call to action today regarding this revolting story: Radio talk show host Trevor Carey warned transgender citizens, “you should pay attention” to what happened in Greely (the Colorado town where Allen Andrade reportedly murdered 18-year-old trans woman Angie Zapata), implying that if they didn’t change their transgender

09 Dec 2008

Action Alert: Urge U.S. Government to Support LGBT Human Rights Declaration

Tomorrow, 10 December 2008, is the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Although one would think that the Declaration would apply to LGBT people, it does not. Sexual orientation is not mentioned in the document; attempts to redress that omission have been defeated with the help of

07 Dec 2008

Express Our Outrage, Yes. But Let’s Do It in a Smart, Strategic Manner

On a gay civil rights discussion forum, I was accused of wanting to be “quiet” because I advocated caution about an action I perceived as risky. The proposed action is to sign up to anti-gay groups' mailing lists and if you receive requests for donations containing a pre-paid envelope to

07 Dec 2008

Park City LGBT Group Withdraws Call to Miss Work and Not Spend on December 10

A grassroots group of gay civil rights supporters in Park City, Utah has withdrawn its call for people to “call in gay” and to not spend money on December 10. Instead, the group asks individuals to support Equality Utah’s Common Ground Initiative. PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 06, 2008 – Park City, Utah

04 Dec 2008

NY Post – “heavily Mormon town of Park City”

A New York Post article states: Despite threats of anti-Prop 8 activists boycotting the heavily Mormon town of Park City, Utah — the festival's recurring location — Sundance plans are still moving forward. [emphasis added] And here are some stats from a recent survey: Mormons in the State of Utah

04 Dec 2008

Sundance Offers Half-Hearted Response to Boycott

Although I still oppose the campaign to boycott the Sundance Film Festival, I was disappointed to read Sundance officials' tepid response in yesterday’s New York Times article about the Festival, the relevant portion of which is:

01 Dec 2008

Park City, Utah Queers Plan Three (3) Service Projects and Events in December

I just posted a letter on my blog that you can copy-and-paste and email to friends and family in the Park City, Utah area: http://cultureandcurrentaffairs.com/2008/12/0… The letter provides information on three events this month in Park City designed to raise awareness and educate people about the civil rights enjoyed by

01 Dec 2008

Straight African-American Man Who Supports Civil Rights for LGBTQ People

Fem.men.ist Blog – A Must Read. Here is the description for the awesome Fem-men-ist Blog I discovered recently: Collaborative brainstorming and revolutionary heartstorming towards conscious community. Race, gender, sexuality & masculinity politics, news, events, resources, personal perspectives & good conversations too.