24 May 2012

CCA Sued Over Working Conditions

First published on WhyIHateCCA By Jenny Landreth The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) has been sued by six current and former employees. The employees, who were supervisors at the Marion Adjustment Center in St. Mary’s, Kentucky, assert that CCA forced them to work additional hours whilst denying them overtime.  

23 May 2012

Riots at 2 CCA Prisons

First published on WhyIHateCCA Two weeks ago, prisoners rioted at a CCA prison in Georgia, resulting in the prison being put on lockdown.  There’s not much more information available on that But a second riot occurred at another CCA prison, this one in Mississippi, and what has come out so

16 May 2012

Is the Private Prison Industry Losing a Lifeline?

First published on WhyIHateCCA California, the state with the highest prison population, has also historically been one of the most privatization-friendly states, despite the influence of the powerful corrections officers lobby.  The state has given hundreds of millions of dollars per year to the industry to house some of its

10 May 2012

Effing Arizona.

First published on WhyIHateCCA Sometimes, a story comes along that really makes me wonder whether a lot of politicians just really don’t give a shit about people at all.  And no, I’m not even talking about how North Carolina decided it would be a good idea to codify discrimination in

08 May 2012

More on ALEC’s Demise

First published on WhyIHateCCA I must say, I’ve been more than a little pleased to see all the negative press coming out about ALEC, especially considering how it has helped promote prison privatization and laws (like stricter immigration legislation and sentencing “reforms”) that boost the industry’s bottom line.  Many people

02 May 2012

Leasing Through the Back Door: The Private Financing of “Public” Prisons

Previously published on Nation of Change.  Reprinted with permission from the author By Christopher Petrella Nearly 130,000 bodies are currently caged in for-profit or privately managed “correctional” facilities in the United States, a figure that accounts for 16.4% of federal and 6.8% of state populations. Since 2000, moreover, the number

27 Apr 2012

Mississippi Tosses Private Prison Company, The GEO Group

Previously published on WhyIHateCCA Mississippi, of all places, has had enough.  Not exactly known for its hospitable prison system, the state announced last Friday that it intends to terminate its contract with the GEO Group to operate 3 facilities, effective in July.  One of those facilities is Walnut Grove, which

26 Apr 2012

Ask CCA to Report on Sexual Assault

First Published on WhyIHateCCA I just want to drop a quick link here and encourage everyone to go sign a petition on Change.org asking CCA to report on its efforts to reduce sexual abuse within its facilities.  Sexual abuse in prisons is a serious problem in both government and private

24 Apr 2012

Is Louisiana on the Brink of a Terrible Decision?

Previously published on Why I Hate CCA Louisiana, the state with the highest rate of incarceration in the country, is considering selling its Avoyelles Correctional Center to a private company in a vain effort to save money.  This was immediately panned as a terrible idea by many in central Louisiana

17 Apr 2012

Taking ALEC to Task

Taking ALEC to Task ALEC, one of the banes of my existence, has been in the news a lot recently, as people are starting to realize that they’re behind every conservative conspiracy to screw over some segment of the population.  As I’ve reported on before, the industry has helped to