28 Jan 2013

Happy Anniversary, CCA!

First published on WhyIHateCCA I apologize for falling silent for the past few months.  Life caught up with me.  Anyway, don’t think I’ve stopped hating on private prisons – far from it.  I just haven’t really had the time to write. But I can’t let a day like today go

14 Jul 2012

New Hampshire Moving Ahead with Prison Privatization Plans

First published on WhyIHateCCA New Hampshire’s legislature and governor have been looking to privatize much, if not all, of the state’s prison system for the past few months. The state submitted a request for proposals in April, and in May announced a new proposal to send all male prisoners to

09 Jul 2012

Serco Sucks at Running Private Prisons, Too

First published on WhyIHateCCA Just a quick follow up on some of the news coming out of New Zealand regarding its Mt. Eden prison, which is run by Serco, probably the largest non-US based private prison operator in the world.  The prison and the company have come under tremendous scrutiny

29 Jun 2012

A Glimpse Inside the Private Prison Industry’s Influence in Florida

First published on WhyIHateCCA Florida’s leadership is among the most aggressive in the nation in trying to bring private prisons to the state.  The governor, speaker of the house, former speaker of the house, and a host of Republicans in the legislature repeatedly attempted to force through what would have

28 Jun 2012

Is Michigan Going Back on Its Word?

First published on WhyIHateCCA The state of Michigan for some reason thinks it should contract out high-security beds to a private company, expecting to save about $1.3 million per year in operations. Aside from the reality that those savings will probably never materialize, the state should be wary of proceeding

27 Jun 2012

MTC Takes Over Where The GEO Group Left off

First published on WhyIHateCCA After the state of Mississippi announced it was not renewing its contract with the GEO Group (or that the GEO Group bailed on the state, depending on how you see it) following a litany of abuse and mismanagement issues at the prisons it ran for the

25 Jun 2012

Another Major Blow to Private Immigration Detention

First published on WhyIHateCCA   Following fresh on the heels of the announcement that the citizens of Crete, IL had successfully defeated a proposal from ICE and CCA to build a private prison there, Southwest Ranches and Pembroke Pines, FL residents got their own bit of great news: CCA isn’t

25 Jun 2012

Another Riot in a CCA Prison

First published on WhyIHateCCA Last week, a CCA prison in Woodville, MS became the site of the latest private prison riot.  At least 23 prisoners were injured in the disturbance to the point where they required medical attention.  Fights raged for nearly an hour before the prison staff got the

14 Jun 2012

Crete, IL Residents Slay the Private Prison Giant

First published on WhyIHateCCA Residents of Crete, IL have accomplished the (near-)impossible feat of successfully rejecting a plan by CCA and ICE to build an immigration detention center in their town.  The plan had come under heavy fire from residents practically from its inception, but CCA and ICE pushed hard

13 Jun 2012

GEO Group Fined More Than $100,000

First published on WhyIHateCCA OSHA has fined the GEO Group more than $100,000 for occupational hazards present in the East Mississippi Correctional Facility, one of the prisons it had operated for years before losing its contract with the state in the wake of some terrible abuses that took place in