14 Mar 2010

CFPA efficient and effective

What would the CFPA envisioned by Elizabeth Warren accomplish? Here’s a picture.

13 Oct 2009

Guardian gagged

The Guardian newspaper has been prevented from reporting on all aspects of a story related to a question raised in Parliament – speculation that 2006 oil waste dump in Côte d’Ivoire is the story.

26 Aug 2009

The Lexicon of Canada’s Ministry of Truth – International Affairs

Canadian diplomats have a new lexicon from which to draw when speaking for their country. International Minister of Truth Lawrence Cannon advises disgruntled employees they are free to leave.

16 Jul 2009

NASA appointees confirmed

The US Senate on Wednesday confirmed former astronaut Charlie Bolden as NASA’s administrator, and Lori Garver as deputy administrator.

13 Jul 2009

Obama to nominate Regina Benjamin as Surgeon General

Obama to nominate Regina Benjamin as Surgeon General

10 Jul 2009

Protection from Embarrassment is Not Covered in Canadian Security Laws

Federal Court Justice Simon Noel says there is a “genuine public interest” in dealing with the torture of detainees in a forthright manner.

10 Mar 2009

NATO Job Opportunity – Secretary General

Canada aflutter with candidacy of Peter MacKay, The Bachelor, for Secretary General of NATO.

03 Mar 2009

Menendez Blocks Science Advisor Nominations

Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) has placed a hold on Holdren and Lubchenko nominations. Real issue is relations with Cuba.