04 Mar 2011

Going on furlough.

To all my new friends on FDL:  It is so GREAT to interact with peole who have critical thinking powers!  I enjoy every minute of it.  Unfortunately, I am going to have to withdraw from FDL for a bit.  There are some obligations I need to attend to and I

02 Mar 2011

The Federal Reserve – The Bank of Nations

While families are being kicked out of their foreclosed home, losing their jobs, struggling to feed their kids, the bastards i Washington are allowing Ben Bernake to trash the dollar, loan (give) trillions to foriegn banks, lie with impunity, sequester records of the Fed’s activities, and generally act like a

01 Mar 2011

The USA is fighting three useless, hopeless, failed wars

The USA is fighting three useless, hopeless, failed wars: Iraq (still a war no matter what the politicians and the Generals say), Afghanistan (brought down the Russians and now us), and the longest and dumbest – “The War on Drugs.”  Of course the DEA doesn’t want drugs legalized – they

01 Mar 2011

Hello world!

Welcome to My FDL. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!