10 Oct 2011

Is It About What They Want? Or What WE Need?

Is it about what they want? Or something else? I read a statement years ago that the 20th Century was the century of Freud. And with any luck, the 21st Century would be the century of Jung. Not sure who said it but it really resonated with me. My take

30 Dec 2010

Montana’s “Inquisition” and Wikileaks

Montana played a huge part in suppressing free speech during WWI. In light of all the noise about Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and Joe Lieberman’s “upgrading” The Espionage Act of 1917, it ‘s probably a good idea to take a look backwards to the Montana Council of Defense. (Yes, President Obama and MSNBC, it’s a good idea to look backwards because leaning forwards can more often than not have you falling on your face.)

12 Sep 2010

Buying in Bulk – Tom Geoghegan Explains Why Europeans Have a Life

I’m happily wending my way through Tom Geoghegan’s wonderfully entertaining and maddening book “Were You Born On the Wrong Continent?: How the European Model Can Help Us Get a Life.” Filled with great stats and facts, Geoghegan shows us why Germans are richer and happier than we are.

06 Jul 2010

Matt Taibbi says about MSM: “God Do You All Suck”

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone blasts CBS’s foreign correspondent Lara Logan for criticizing Michael Hastings for reporting on General McChrystal’s truth telling on the sucky war in Afghanistan. Doesn’t Hastings know he’s supposed to play along and support the troops and keep quiet?

28 Jun 2010

Naomi Klein Exposes the Origins and Intentions of the G20

Naomi Klein author of “The Shock Doctrine” reports in from the meeting of the G20 and she actually uses the phrase “new world order”. The G20 was concocted by none other than Larry Summers and his Canadian counterpoint in 1999. The G20 nations want the people to pay for the sins of the bankers and government officials responsible for the crisis.

26 Jun 2010

“Let Them Eat Cat Food” Commissioner Simpson Has It Butt Backwards

The cranky mean spirited Co Chair of the Fiscal Commission, Alan Simpson, is out to dismantle Social Security. The commission is considering fixes like raising the age you can get your full benefits to 70 years. If they had forward thinking non neo-liberal thinkers on the commission,they would be proposing opposite solutions like a payroll tax holiday or lowering the retirement age.

11 Jun 2010

“Getting Rid of Fat” – Layoffs and Old Ladies

New decade and it is the same old flim flam going on with new buzz phrases. Back in the 1980s during merger mania, Carl C. Icahn said of layoffs “that the layoffs that do occur are really getting rid of the fat that is not productive for society.”

02 May 2010

Our “Leading” Economists Need to Take A Shakespeare Course

Jane Smiley wrote a reaction to Paul Krugman last September called “Other Economists in the Room”. This past week some of “the other economists” met in D.C. to counter the latest assault of the false prophets of finance. For those of us who studied drama and English, it is no surprise that the free market economists who have dominated our discussion about money and economics just don’t get it.

07 Apr 2010

Is David Ignatius the New Judith Miller?

On the “Chris Matthews Show” on Sunday, Washington “reporter” and novelist David Ignatius said that Admiral Mullen “let it leak” on their trip to Afghanistan that Iran was supplying arms to the Taliban.
“Scary”, said Chris. Is this like the WMD scare that Judith Miller worked in the NY Times?

19 Feb 2010

NY Times Johnston Reports on Tax Law Cited in the Suicide Note

Today David Cay Johnston reports that a 1986 Tax law mentioned by the software engineer who piloted his plane into the IRS office was one of the reasons why he did it. Turns out that the day before he flew the plane into the building, the Obama administration asked for a crackdown on this law.