19 May 2010

The VA has a New Directive on the Treatment of Transgender Veterans

But The Draft Directive — And Its Policies — Have Yet To Be Implemented Crossposted from TransUniverse. By Monica F. Helms The Veterans Administration (VA) has a new directive on the treatment of Transgender Veterans, BUT they won’t release it. This is becoming a theme with the Obama Administration. Tell

08 May 2010

DADT and the TAVA Survey Revisited

By Monica F. Helms Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has been in the news a lot lately. LGBT blogs are all a buzz with it and many straight media outlets can’t stay away. It’s the hottest thing since Mt. Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland. Part of the discussion has to do with transgender

19 Feb 2008

Black History Month – William Cathay

I have found this month to be one of the most educational months in the year.  All around are wonderful articles, History Channel shows and TV spots that have given me an insight to many aspects of our African American citizens and their history.  Even though I am not of

19 Feb 2008

Charlotte, NC: Transgender Educational Initiative, HRC, and changing minds

Since this article will find its way to various non-trans-specific blogs, I should begin with describing what an Educational Initiative is and a little history behind them.  The EI was a creation of long-time activist, Angela Brightfeather when she was the Chair of the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition’s Activism Committee.