17 Mar 2012

Will Wisconsin’s Old Folks Save Scott Walker?

 It looks bad for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. The reactionary, anti-union, anti-education, rights-stripping, Koch-propped Republican faces a June 5 vote in which every major demographic (except one) favors recalling him from office for stunning fiscal, social, and possibly criminal egregiosities.  Who’s ready to summarily evict Walker from the Madison statehouse?

25 Nov 2011

Are Progressive Ideals Facing “Boomergeddon”?

No, not if the Baby-Boom challenge is framed simply as fiscal: that is, whether the record numbers of retiring Boomers will overwhelm Social Security and Medicare coffers. Progressivising and extending the payroll tax to the wealthiest incomes (now largely exempt) would easily cover added expenses of the 60 million retiring and

22 Nov 2011

American Seniors Strongly Prefer Tea Party to “Occupy”

Economics-wise, as critics of my last posting on generation war correctly stated, the large majority of elderly are the “99%”. What the critics failed to engage is that, politically, a majority—50% to two-thirds, depending on the issue—of elders support the “1%.” It is not the price of seniors, but the

20 Nov 2011

We Need to Talk about the Generation War

Yes, there is a generation war. It nowhere resembles the right-wing myth that young people are victimized by funding senior welfare programs, or the left-wing myth that generation war is a privatization-pushing chimera. But it’s quite real. Consider economic trends: From 1980 to 2010, real median household incomes of older

17 Nov 2011

Democrats’ Youth-Bashing May Be Fatal

It promises to be a loud Thanksgiving. The latest Public Policy Polling national survey of Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential election prospects shows intensifying generation gaps for every candidate pairing. The largest chasm pits Obama versus currently-favored Republican nominee Mitt Romney, supported by over-65 voters by a 51-36% landslide and rejected by under-30

29 Sep 2011

Florida poll reveals outrageous elder attitudes

The newest Public Policy Polling survey released today shows a continued trend of older Americans toward far-Right Republicans despite—or, as I argue, because of—Republicans’ opposition to extending Social Security and Medicare beyond the current generation of senior recipients. The poll of Florida voters shows incredible generational divisions. The split between

09 Sep 2011

Why Do Seniors Support Rick Perry?

Texas governor and Republican phenom-du-jour Rick Perry reiterated his belief that Social Security and Medicare are “Ponzi schemes, unconstitutional, a “failure,” and a “massive lie” ripping off younger people. One would think seniors would be furious with (and younger voters celebrating) Republicans who scheme to eliminate senior-welfare programs funded by

06 Sep 2011

Flashmobs vs lynchmobs

After my half-hour shoutfest today with conservative Laura Ingraham on her radio show on the subjects of juvenile curfews, flash mobs, crime, and poverty, all blamed by rightists on the decline of morals, breakup of the family, abandonment of religion, rise of pornography, and new ferality of youth, all blamed

10 Aug 2011

Progressives: You’ve already won. Big

After yet another major Democratic political cave-in to Tea Party bullying on the debt ceiling and Wisconsin electoral results being spun as disappointing, those on the Left understandably have trouble seeing the larger picture: Progressives have won the battle for modern America. Hands down. The liberal/Left vision has been routing conservatives

31 Jul 2011

More than just a Right-Left endgame

In two previous columns, I argued that the views and voting of Americans ages 50 and older have become deeply disturbing, to the point that a majority of seniors now support candidates who would quite literally dismantle the United States as a coherent society. This is no joke. The views