09 Dec 2010

Come on Mr. President, Who Are You Kidding: “The Debate On The Public Option All Over Again”?

Obama’s analogy to his failing to get the public option as part of his health care bill to the vituperation of his party over the tax deal he presently struck with the Republicans is a lame, shameless way to divert attention from his latest failure as the nation’s chief executive.

22 Aug 2010

Blagojevich: Narcissistic, Delusional and Circus Ringmaster

Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich views what is occurring to him like he is a fish in a fishbowl. In his interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday today (8-22-10), he makes rational and intelligent folks puke—and this is being said from someone who is not even a Republican! Our legal system needs to ferret out such scum, though we know that if history is any guide, long after we are all gone, such corruption will not disappear. It is our hope, though, that with today’s (legal) efforts, the likelihood that there will be more of the Blagojevichs of the world will diminish greatly.

13 Mar 2010

Health Care Reform and the Public Option: Without Trust Americans Are Screwed

The only reason a public option now remains a stranger to health care reform is that Speaker Pelosi does not trust the Senate to do the right thing and pass what the House puts in any “sidecar” bill it is now crafting. This is regardless of the fact that 41 senators have pledged support for the public option and the Senate Majority Whip, Dick Durbin (D.-Ill) has said he will “whip” anything that comes over from the House. Isn’t it time that elected officials stop screwing around with our health and start trusting one another so that the public option is passed into law?

26 Feb 2010

Health Reform Summit Best Reason For Public Option

From the day long healthcare summit that took lace on February 25 at the Blair House, it was clear that Congressional leaders all want choice and competition. The simplest and clearest way to achieve this is through the public option.

08 Feb 2010

Health Care Reform: It’s Do or Die Time

With Obama having set a (televised) conference that brings all interested Congressional Members to the table on February 25, it is time that voters are presented the issues in readable and understandable English. This post does just that, and references a blog site where a fresh look at what needs to get done is presented. It is do or die time on health care reform. But first, just what is health care and how should it be viewed going forward?

18 Dec 2009

Mr. President, Will You get Pissed Off For Once

It is high time that President Obama get mad as hell and not take what his Democratic colleagues in the Senate are dishing out at him. He has to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. After all, change that he wants with health care reform is the grease underneath his fingernails.

10 Dec 2009

Health Care Reform and Afghanistan: Why the Double Standard?

Putting 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan without first knowing how to pay for them, yet requiring any health care reform to be budget neutral, seems to set up a double standard. Why? This blogs explores this topic and determines one at first blush appears more worthy than the other.

07 Dec 2009

An Alternative To A Government Run Health Plan

An alternative exists to a so-called public option while achieving the same goal. Just change the means to get there.

23 Nov 2009

When Can A Public Option Not Be A Public Option?

With the Senate debate on health care reform set to commence after Thanksgiving, the most contentious issue will be over whether or not there should be a public option. This post describes a way to achieve the same goal as a public option without having a public option.

19 Nov 2009

The Public Option: Why Not Start Out With 80 Million?

With the introduction now of both a Senate and House bill, the public option has become a focal point. But what goes unnoticed in the debate, at least so far, is that only anywhere from 5-31 million Americans will be eligible for this program. At a minimum, 80 million citizens should become eligible from the start. This post explains why.