03 Feb 2011

Egypt: Requiem for a Regime

Crossposted at Mideast by Midwest.

06 Jan 2011

The US in Yemen: Just Another Shadow War

Yemen must not be ignored, especially as Pakistan creeps onto the list of states where the United States is launching attacks. And I would venture to guess that the policy of American surveillance and reconnaissance missions in Yemen, which Yemeni sources contend includes drone attacks, is not winning hearts and minds on the Arabian Peninsula.

23 Aug 2010

A Gray Day for Fenty

The stakes are high in DC’s mayoral primary competition which is just around the corner.  Tonight’s straw poll in Ward 5 is still coming in but it seems Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray is ahead of the incumbent, Mayor Adrien Fenty?. Crossposted at Mideast by Midwest.

04 Aug 2010

Editorial Cartoon: Mike Mullen’s Options

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen certainly caught my attention on the Sunday talkies. All options with regard to Iran are “on the table” …. oy.

23 Jul 2010

Grim Prospects and Grave Consequences

The good die young. The bad never seem to die at all!

20 Apr 2010

W.T.Eyjafjallajökull ?!

Crossposted at Mideast by Midwest.

11 Mar 2010

Four Alarm Curry

The comic of the dinner that set off the smoke alarm four times. Recipe forthcoming

10 Mar 2010

Staring into the eyes of Susiehood

At the risk of appearing totally insane (or at the very least partially obsessive), I’m going to share with you the first fanmail I’ve ever written. The recipient of the fanmail in question is one Ms. Susie Boyt.

24 Feb 2010

That stale smell of change

In just five minutes of browsing at the Strand, NYC’s epic book stockpile, I came across this little gem.

Remember when change was in the air… in 1992.

23 Feb 2010

Fela Kuti and Cartoon 70

Excerpt from Fela cartoonography I drew a while back