26 Jan 2011

“A Sputnik Moment”

Empty words are everywhere. Do you suppose our millionaire politicians had grandparents? Did they sleep through history classes? Do we have to go through this shit all over again? Look at the picture, Mr. Politician. Turn off the god damned wars and spend enough money in this country so that

12 Jan 2011

“It Trickles Down”

While watching breaking news from Arizona, my wife made the comment, “It trickles down.”  Violence, that is.  I believe she is correct.  What happened in Arizona was a tragedy, and it’s good to discuss it and look for ways to prevent like events.  In my view, the reduction of inflammatory

16 Dec 2010

Are We Losing Our History?

You read from time to time about the discovery, usually by a lay person while cleaning out an attic (or going through a trunk purchased at a flea market or auction), of some historic treasure – letters written by Napoleon to Josephine, for example.  Such a find is then carefully

11 Dec 2010

Poor Bernie…

An audacious thief.  He stole from the rich.  Big mistake, that.  Arrested, convicted and sentenced to 150 years in prison in the blink of an eye.  The hundreds of his contemporaries who stole from the poor and working class are at home, warm, watching Big Screen.  Justice will get to

09 Dec 2010

The Essentials…

As we watch the country implode, one thing is clear.  The USA’s economy is consumer driven.  When consumers have neither the funds nor the desire to spend because of economic reality or fear, the economy doesn’t work.  It continues to slowly wind down.  Period. The rich are not going to

12 Nov 2010

He Nailed It!

It’s a couple of years old, but what an insight…

09 Nov 2010

LA Missile Launch

What the hell!  A large missile is launched 35 miles from downtown LA and no one has any idea who’s responsible?  An inadvertent submarine/ship launch?  A Russian or Chinese demo?  The most sophisticated amateur rocket club in the world? Got some speculation or ideas?

28 Oct 2010

I Still Don’t Get It…

I wrote this back in March.  Are there any psychologists out there who can make some sense of this man? “What’s wrong with Obama? He seems intelligent, literate and clever by half. Young, successful beyond his dreams (or at least I hope so), and seemingly with the world by the

26 Mar 2010

Corporations are not humans

Sociopaths among us

21 Mar 2010

Federally Funded Abortion

Certain types remain funded…