24 Oct 2013

Guitar Center Workers Rock the Shop Floor

Originally published at In These Times If your 9-to-5 job revolves around your life’s passion, the satisfaction of being surrounded by what you love can offset the daily grind. But such passion is often in short supply in retail work, which is generally defined by the quintessential boring sales job.

20 Oct 2013

Educators Wary of Tech Fixes for College Affordability Crisis

Originally published at In These Times As tuitions rise and the job market still slumps, many young college graduates are wrestling with the question of how to make their increasingly expensive educations pay off. Now, new technologies are emerging as a potential solution for the college affordability crisis, according to

14 Oct 2013

Migrant Women Bring Voices to Capital

Originally published at In These Times Adareli Ponce is a typical working woman in America, but her work experience is not typically “American.” Even though the products of the labor of women like her are everywhere, her story is invisible to many. As the main provider for her family back in

14 Oct 2013

Checkpoint: Waiting and Death at the Border

This post was originally published at CultureStrike: Migration is about movement across borders. But it’s also about waiting at them: waiting for your hearing in court, waiting for a phone call home at the detention center, waiting for a visa to reunite you with loved ones you’ve been separated from

05 Oct 2013

When Federal Contracts Turn Into Corporate Welfare

Originally published at In These Times Where does the corporate bottom line end and the public interest begin? Through the voodoo economics of federal contracting, Washington’s “partnerships” with private corporations have drained the public trust straight into the pockets of top corporate executives. The progressive think tank Demos calculates in a

27 Sep 2013

Wage Wars: Bangladeshi Workers Reach a Boiling Point

Originally published at In These Times Workers in Bangladesh have been perishing in tragic, preventable factory accidents for years. Now, in mass uprisings that portend both more violent labor struggles on the horizon and a new dawn for a nascent labor movement, the workers are starting to strike at the factories

26 Sep 2013

Rethinking Care

Originally published at Jacobin Magazine Growing older is hard, and taking care of an aging loved one is hard work. For those of us who are aging or living with a disability, your family might hire a caregiver for day-to-day support: getting out of bed, minding medications, bathing and cooking

21 Sep 2013

New York City Immigrants Test a New Economic ‘Bridge’

Originally published at In These Times For all the supposed potential of the “American Dream,” immigrants in New York City often have a terrible time redeeming its promise. Many arrive in the United States with no financial grounding or burdened by a heap of debt; others can spend years priced

17 Sep 2013

Ban Ki-Moon Accused of Union-Busting at UN

Originally published at In These Times United Nations workers spend their time on the front lines of the global struggle for human rights, but now they are battling for rights in their own workplace. The UN has come under fire for union-busting, and the labor standoff could undermine its ability

12 Sep 2013

Mexico City Erupts Over Neoliberal Education Bill

Originally posted at In These Times In Mexico City, school teachers are meting out some serious discipline to a government gone awry. For the past several weeks, the metropolis has pulsed with a labor insurrection. There have beenfierce union-led rallies, clashes with police, and mass demonstrations that have paralyzed the city, climaxing