28 Oct 2011

Will the Arab Spring Leave Migrants Out in the Cold?

Cross-posted from In These Times: The uprisings of the “Arab Spring” have been by turns inspiring, frustrating and tragic for activists around the globe. And they are still horribly incomplete—not just because the emerging revolutions have been in many cases squelched by authoritarian regimes, but because the movements for freedom

26 Oct 2011

Inside World’s Economic Engine, Young China Redefines Class Consciousness

Cross-posted from In These Times In every corner of the world young people are rocking their worlds, defying government crackdowns in Santiago and Sanaa, occupying beleaguered cities in America and Europe, challenging authoritarianism across the Global South. But one of the largest concentrations of youth on the planet seems relatively

22 Oct 2011

Greece Strikes, the People Rise, Global Economy Teeters

Cross-posted from In These Times Everyone knew it was a losing battle, but everyone showed up anyway. In an uprising virtually unprecedented in its size, scope and diversity, malcontents united across Greece to push back against the government’s assault on working people. This week’s 48-hour strike drew workers from both

18 Oct 2011

Mine Workers Struggle for Safety Underground, Justice in the Streets

  Cross-posted from In These Times   As thousands take to the streets to protest global corporate domination, the power struggles just below the earth’s surface remain outside the media spotlight. But over the past few weeks, turmoil in the mining industry has also spoken to the divide between the

18 Oct 2011

It’s NAFTA x3 as Free Trade Deals Sweep Through Congress

Cross-posted from Colorlines.com One day in September, Isidro Rivera Barrera, a contract worker and labor organizer who was campaigning at an Ecopetrol refining facility in Barrancabermeja, Colombia, was reportedly gunned down outside his home. His death was met with the usual silence—just business as usual in a country with one

16 Oct 2011

While Washington Dithers, Labor Brings Jobs and Equity Home

Cross-posted from In These Times The 2012 campaign trail is already littered with silver bullets and peppy slogans about boosting America out of its unemployment slump. But for the most part, the plans that politicians have trotted out–from Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 mantra to the GOP’s latest corporate welfare formulas, to

08 Oct 2011

Struggling New York School Workers Get Knocked Hard in Budget War

Cross-posted from In These Times. When kids across New York City shuffle into their classrooms next week, they’ll discover that a few members of their school community won’t be attending, and their absence will be sorely felt. Fresh casualties of the city’s budget wars, about 700 city school aides and

08 Oct 2011

While Wall Street Quakes, Greece’s Fire Still Burns Bright

Cross-posted from In These Times. While we may be inspired to see a leaderless mass movement finally crystallizing in U.S. cities, the American occupations still can’t hold a candle to the fire raging across Greece. This past week, demonstrators again unleashed their rage across the tiny Mediterranean republic, blocking government

05 Oct 2011

Africa and the International Criminal Court: Is Global Justice Blind?

Cross-posted from Colorlines When several prominent Kenyans appear before the International Criminal Court in the coming days, they’ll be judged by a legal standard that no one, in theory, should be above. But to critics, the court itself isn’t above politics that too often get in the way of real

01 Oct 2011

Georgia’s Anti-Immigrant Politics Overshadow Women’s Struggles

Cross-posted from In These Times  The words “undocumented worker” evoke images we’re all familiar with: poor day laborers huddled on a street corner, sun-battered tomato pickers hauling buckets through the fields. One image that people often overlook is a far more intimate presence: the nanny caring for our kids, the