21 Dec 2010

T’was the Night before Christmas

Conservative economic policies put you in a noose They come from the corporate right and sucked up by the middle class conservative obtuse Fuck the poor and the unemployed those corporate masters of which morals they appear devoid Fucking people under them getting Republicans to suck their Pink Floyd But

19 Dec 2010

To Angry Liberals and Progressives in the Democratic and Green Parties

We the people of the United States of America form this Liberal Democratic Party of the United States of America for the promotion of a progressive agenda for America. We do not run candidates. We do not handle money. Our power comes from the unionization of our party members who

20 Nov 2010

Here’s How You Force the Republicans to Extend Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Here’s how you force the Republicans to extend unemployment benefits. Brown Forman Corporation the distributor of Jack Daniels whiskey and Southern comfort gives money to Republicans for campaign donations regularly to Mitch McConnell and operates out of Kentucky the State where McConnell Resides. Wendy’s Restaurants and JM Smuckers ( Makers

04 Nov 2010

Progressives Who Lurk Here: The Day to End the Corporate State Has Come

http://twitwall.com/DEMOCRATZxORG Today I say to those Liberals and Progressives who lurk here I consider it the point in history to rush the bastille of the Prison that corporate America has built to imprison Democracy. The Revolution will appear bloodless, in fact more like King Louis caught in a Bell Jar

01 Nov 2010

The Liberal Democratic Party of the United States will do what the Democratic Party failed to do.

The Liberal Democratic Party of the United States will do what the Democratic Party failed to do


28 Sep 2010

Movement Progressives Share Some of the Blame for Not Getting Progressive Legislation Passed

Movement progressives share some of the blame for not getting progressive legislation passed.

26 Sep 2010

A Warning to Progressives

I’m warning you progressives that you need an in-between elections strategy to get progressive legislation. Test mine or at least get a new strategy because the current strategies do not work.

01 Aug 2010

I seek a person who considers themself an aggressive organizer

I seek a person who considers themself an aggressive organizer to find people who will get other people to send emails to conservative contributors in order to obtain progressive legislation.

23 Jul 2010

Calling all disaffected Democrats, liberals and progressives.

Ah the wonders of the GOPranos and their conservative Brethren in the Democratic Party.

We can get progressive legislation with a new strategy.

Please pass this email to every one of your friends as soon as possible. Thank you.

Instead of petitioning a corporate corrupted congress for legislation, petition the corporate friends of conservatives in both the GOPranos and the Democratic party for legislation and include a boycott threat in your email petitions as you see below. Spread the word please.

20 Jan 2010

Help pass progressive legislation in congress. See http://www.democratz.org

See http://www.democratz.org to get progressive legislation in congress.