07 Sep 2014

The Best Hope for the Future

The best hope of the future: the brave people who take action in the face of misery.

31 Aug 2014

The Supreme Conservatives

Welcome to the Serf World under the Big Five Conservative Supreme Court hacks.

26 Aug 2014

Studies Confirm Huge Wealth Loss of Middle Class

Three recent studies using different data sets and methodology show the horrendous losses inflicted on what used to be the middle class by the Great Crash. In March, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman presented a preliminary report on net worth showing a loss among the bottom 90% from about 36% of total house wealth to about 25% between the peak in 1984 and 2013. The Russell Sage Foundation estimates that the median net worth was worth about 20% less in 2013 than in 1984. A report From the Census Bureau says that the median household net worth fell nearly 7% between 2000 and 2011. These findings confirm the work of Edward Wolff in a 2012 study.

26 Aug 2014

Studies Confirm Huge Wealth Loss of Middle Class

The middle class is vanishing, and no one cares.

24 Aug 2014

Discipline and Punish Dissidents

Healing doesn’t help. It validates the status quo. And it’s the status quo that’s sick.

17 Aug 2014

Domination in Ferguson

Using differential law enforcement to separate them from us is an old trick.

10 Aug 2014

The Panoptic Effect

Who benefits from the regimentation of our lives? Who benefits from the all-seeing eye?

03 Aug 2014

Discipline for the Benefit of the Rich

Ideas chain people to the worst punishment, submission to the will of others.

27 Jul 2014

The Dangers of Wealth Inequality

Why do rich people seek control over the body of the rest of us?

20 Jul 2014

Piketty and His Critics Chapter 4: Netroots Nation

We are losing the class war because we are not fighting the class war.