04 Jun 2010

rape as a weapon of war, violence against civilians The Congo

Horrific violence against civilians, The Congo.

03 May 2010

you will be relieved to know, that the art market boom is back bigger than ever

art collector/hedge fund managers earn 25 billion, spend it on their art collections. Thank goodness!

12 Apr 2010

non profit organisations can work extremely well

a non profit organisation that works — sesame street

07 Apr 2010

description of atomic test “Simon” 1953, and the first test “trinity”

A quote from “under the cloud” by Miller, describing an atomic test, in Nevada.

27 Mar 2010

whitehouse press release start treaty

white house press release with some details about the treaty with Russia.

05 Mar 2010

massive ocean floor methane releases, run away global warming

yesterday scientists published the outline of their measurements showing massive releases of the 30 x worse than co2 gas methane from the subsea floor. Microbes may yet dominate the planet.

12 Feb 2010

guns in American national parks ok Feb 22 2010. this is nuts

handguns rifles, shotguns to be allowed in American National Parks

31 Jan 2010

Obama acts on climate change

Yesterday the president announced that the nation’s largest consumer of energy –the Federal Government– will cut its emissions of global warming pollution by 28 percent by 2020.

23 Jan 2010

Iraq, Obama keeps his word

According to Juan Cole, Obama kept his word, faced down the military, and won the Iraq war,

13 Jan 2010

french research finds gm corn causes organ damage

A study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences asserts three tested varieties of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn can cause organ failure, calling for further research.