16 May 2007

Congressional Special Election (CA-37) Pits Black vs Latino vs Queer Communities

The Los Angeles Times reports that the filing deadline has passed for the 37th Congressional district special election to fill the seat of recently deceased U.S. Representative Juanita Millender-McDonald and a slew of people have made the cut. This race is to represent a district which has large pockets of

11 May 2007

Oregon Fundies Begin To Target Recent LGBT Victories

Ahhh, here they come…. Thursday’s Oregonian newspaper carried an article entitled “Gay-rights battle won; war still looms” about attempts by right-wing groups in Oregon to “refer” the two LGBT rights bills recently signed into law by the Governor to a majority vote by the Oregon eletorate (which is vote-by-mail only).

09 May 2007

Oregon Governor Signs LGBT Equality Bills Into Law

A diarist named torridjoe at Daily Kos has the details of what was apparently an emotional bill signing ceremony by Governor Ted Kulongoski with over 100 LGBT activists and allies in attendance at The Capitol in Salem, Oregon on Wednesday. As torridjoe put it, this is “another reminder that ELECTIONS

26 Apr 2007

And then there were 19! (Iowa Legislature Passes LGBT Rights Bill)

Ahhh, Spring, the time of year when the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and state legislatures are in full swing, churning out legislation. Just last week Oregon’s legislature passed a “gay rights bill” to a willing governor and late Wednesday comes word that the unlikely state of Iowa

19 Apr 2007

Oregon Senate Sends LGBT Rights Bill to Gov. for Promised Signature

The Oregon Senate passed the Oregon Equality Act by a vote of 19-7 today, sending it to Governor Ted Kulongoski who has said that he will sign it into law. Senate Bill 2 would prohibit discrimination in employment, housing and public accomodations on the basis of sexual orientation and gender

25 Mar 2007

Film Review of Boy Culture

MadProfessah and a friend from San Diego went to the Laemmle Sunset 5 Theatres in West Hollywood to see Boy Culture at an early Saturday afternoon matinee showing (12:30pm). Boy Culture is based on a well-regarded romantic gay novel by Matthew Rettenmund who also maintains an excellent blog called Boy

23 Mar 2007

The (Super) Rich Are Cheapskates

Sunday’s Los Angeles Times Current section has a front page article titled “A Wealth of Cheapskates” by Gregg Easterbrook repeating a meme about the paucity of philanthropic donations among the super-rich which has been making the rounds in the last month or so.

16 Feb 2007

California Governor Says He’ll Veto Marriage Equality Bill

February 11-17 is National Freedom To Marry Week and there have been many public events throughout the state and country raising the profile of the concept of marriage equality, i.e. the idea that single sex couples should have access to the rights and responsibilities of marriage. In California, Governor Arnold