07 Apr 2008

Arizona Anti-Marriage Amendment Declared Dead

Finally some good news on the gay marriage front. According to 365gay.com and Equality Arizona: Bills that constitutionally limit would limit marriage to opposite-sex couples were filed earlier this year in both the House and Senate by Republican lawmakers and appeared to have enough support for passage. But just before

06 Feb 2008

CA Supreme Court Sets Oral Argument Date; Final Ruling By Summer

Journalist and blogger Rex Wockner just emailed me with the news story that the California Supreme Court has finally set oral arguments in the pending litigation over gay marriage for 3 hours on March 4th. After oral arguments are complete in In Re Marriage Cases, Case No. S147999, the seven

28 Dec 2007

Oregon DP Law Prevented From Going Into Effect January 1 By Federal Judge

The Oregon Family Fairness Act, a statewide domestic partnership act which was enacted by the Democratic-controlled Oregon Legislature and signed into law by Governor Ted Kulongoski on May 9, 2007 has been prevented from going to effect on Tuesday January 1 by an injunction issued at the behest of heterosexual

29 Nov 2007

Heterosexual Supremacists File Federal Lawsuit Against California LGBT Student Civil Rights Law

A little-known group called "Advocates for Faith and Freedom" together with the Northern California chapter of the Alliance Defense Fund filed suit in federal district court on Tuesday to overturn SB 777, the Student Civil Rights Act, which was signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger October 12, 2007. The

21 Nov 2007

Bush Admin Trying To Make U.S. HIV Travel Ban Even Worse

Mad Professah is a big supporter of the organization Immigration Equality which keeps a close eye on how U.S. immigration law affects LGBT and HIV+ individuals and immigrants. Just a couple weeks ago I blogged about how China had announced that they were considering changing their ban on travel to

25 Oct 2007

Shouldn’t All Presidential Candidates Have a National AIDS Plan?

Phill Wilson of Black AIDS Institute called my attention to a poll that AOL is running which asks respondents to vote on whether they would support a Presidential candidate who does not have a National AIDS Strategy. Mad Professah had blogged previously about the proposed National AIDS Strategy that numerous

10 Jul 2007

CA: Controversial HIV Testing Bill in Committee Hearing Wednesday

Wednesday Mad Professah will be spending the day in lovely Sacramento, CA attending a hearing by the California State Senate Health Committee chaired by out lesbian State Senator Sheila J. Kuehl which will be considering AB 682 (Berg), a controversial bill to drastically alter procedures for conducting HIV tests in

27 Jun 2007

CA-37: Primary Election Win For Black, LGBT Communities

In the hotly contested special primary election in to fill the congressional seat of Juanita Millender-McDonald (D-Carson) in the 37th district Assemblymember Laura Richardson defeated State Senator Jenny Oropeza yesterday by nearly 2000 votes out of almost 30, 000 votes cast, a turnout of a measly 11.14%. Candidate  Votes  

24 Jun 2007

Black Celebrities To Take Public HIV Tests On National HIV Testing Day

The Black AIDS Institute has hit upon a media savvy way to draw attention to the AIDS epidemic in Black America on National HIV Testing Day (Monday June 25th): have Black celebrities and their allies take HIV tests at a public press conference and call for 1 million African Americans

17 May 2007

3rd Anniversary of Massachusetts Marriage Equality

On May 17, 2004 the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial court ruling in Goodridge went into effect and for the first time in the United States, same-sex couples could get married and have those marriage licences recognized by their city, county and state governments. Today, three years later, the world has not