07 Feb 2009

Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, a day to raise awareness of the devastating impact that HIV and AIDS have had on Black people in America (and the World).

22 Jan 2009

B.A.R. Calls Equality Summit Planners “Stingy”!

I cross-posted this to The Equality Summit blog: An article written by Seth Hemmelgarn entitled Summit planners stingy with No on Prop 8 dollars was published today by the Bay Area Reporter. Interestingly, I was one of the members of the planning committtee who responded and talked with the reporter,

06 Jan 2009

All LGBT Blogs Get Prop 8 Media Access Story Wrong–Except Queerty

NOTE FROM PAM: I'm front-paging this diary because of the disagreements over what the press access policy is or isn't regarding the upcoming Equality Summit. The title of the diary itself suggests blogs that published journalist Rex Wockner's piece about whether a decision has been made to restrict portions of

28 Dec 2008

Otherwise Excellent Frank Rich Column Marred By Prop 8 Zombie Meme

In today's New York Times, Frank Rich mars an otherwise-excellent column (“You’re Likable Enough, Gay People“) by repeating what Pam Spaulding has labelled “the meme that will not die” (or zombie meme) that Black Californians voted 70% for Proposition 8, thus enabling the heterosexual supremacist initiative to be enacted. Rich

14 Dec 2008

Proposition 8 Vote Certified (Margin in LA County Down to 2385 Votes)

MadProfessah has been following the final tallies of the 2008 election results very carefully. In Los Angeles County according to the Secretary of State, Proposition 8 is leading 50.046%-49.954%, a margin of 2,904 votes out of 3,185,172 votes (0.09%). However, according to the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder the Proposition 8

14 Dec 2008

Proposition 8 Vote Certfied (Margin in L.A. County Down to 2385 Votes–50.04%-49.96!)

The final, certified vote tallies for the November 4 election were released on Saturday and the margin of victory for Proposition 8 increased slightly statewide in total number of votes to nearly 600k, with the Yes side exceeding 7 million votes for discrimination. In LA County the margin of victory of Prop 8 is down to a mere 2385 votes–50.04% to 49.96%)!

08 Dec 2008

REPORT on 2008 Elections at Gay and Lesbian Leadership Conference

MadProfessah was in the District of Columbia for an LGBT Bloggers Summit and was able to attend two plenary sessions of the Victory Fund's International Gay and Lesbian Leadership Conference which amusingly enough is at the Mayflower Hotel where, as Kate Clinton put it “New York lost a Governor.” The

06 Nov 2008

Why We Lost Prop 8: Blame Pro-Choice Obama Democrats, Not Black People!

Kevin Roderick at the LA Observed blog answers a question that I have been having about Tuesday's mixed election results for progressive Democrats. Namely, how the heck did Obama win California by 20+ points and Proposition 4 (abortion parental notification) fail easily while Proposition 8 (elimination of gay marriage) passed?

16 Jul 2008

Breaking: CA Sup Court Denies Motion To Kick Prop 8 Off Nov Ballot

Chicago lawyer W.B. Kelley has just informed me that the California Supreme Court has issued a response to the motion requesting a stay in preventing Proposition 8 from appearing on the November 4, 2008 statewide ballot.

22 Apr 2008

California Anti-Gay Marriage Initiative Update

As MadProfessah has been reporting for months, heterosexual supremacists are attempting to use California's initiative process to institutionalize homophobia into the state constitution. There are news reports today that the “Protect Marriage” coalition of groups has collected 1.1 million signatures to qualify a measure to ban gay marriage that would