22 Apr 2010

Fiscal 2009 DADT Discharge Numbers Released

Just in: Final DADT Discharge Numbers Released for Fiscal Year 2009 Discrepancies Uncovered by Servicemembers United Reveal Overall Numbers Likely Underestimated FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 04/22/2010 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Servicemembers United, the nation’s largest organization of gay and lesbian troops and veterans, announced today that that the total official number of

18 Apr 2010

Rush Limbaugh Blames Obama’s Health Care Reform for Iceland’s Volcanic Eruptions

Of course, Limpaugh is indeed a leading expert when it comes to ash… But this is really beyond the pale. Someone needs to check the pharmacological soup that is Rushbo’s bloodstream again… and maybe book a king-sized suite at Betty Ford for the rest of the year.   Limbaugh said,

15 Apr 2010

ME Gov Baldacci Spaghetti Fundraiser for Preble Street A Huge Success

UPDATE: as of 1:30 pm, Preble Street releasing via Facebook that they raised over $15,000 last night! WOW! ——————————— Recently it was announced that Preble Street’s  Homeless Voices For Justice program was informed by Bishop Malone that they were losing its funding from the RCC/ Portland Diocese, because of their

15 Apr 2010

CWA’s Charla Bansley’s Latest Spew Against Maine Children

Here she is again! Apparently when Mike Heath crawled back under his rock yesterday afternoon, he shoved Charla the CWA Teabagger out. From today’s Bangor Daily News:   Teaching immorality Imagine your daughter or granddaughter is forced to share a locker room with a teenage boy. After a complaint by

15 Apr 2010

Mike Heath Sets Land Speed Record While Backpedaling Away From ME Gubernatorial Race

WOW. Now that was quick! Heath’s statement issued yesterday, via WCSH-6: “On Monday I decided I would consider becoming a candidate for Governor of Maine if I could gather the 4,000 required signatures  by June 1st. While I would enjoy running, and I’d be honored to serve if elected, I

14 Apr 2010

Maine’s Mike Heath, Self-Appointed and Newly Anointed Head of AFA-ME, Now Running For Governor?

Wow. Mikey Heath, a long-time Blend fave is jumping from the Tanzania Tupperware and into the fire! Somedays, ya just can’t make shite up… AUGUSTA – Michael Heath, former executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine, has registered with the state ethics commission as a gubernatorial candidate. Heath,

13 Apr 2010

Servicemembers United, HRC and Others Announce ‘National Veterans Lobby Day’

Just in: Servicemembers United, Human Rights Campaign Announce Broad Coalition, Website For Veterans Lobby Day May 11th lobbying by gay and straight vets to focus on repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” this year www.VeteransLobbyDay.org WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Servicemembers United and the Human Rights Campaign announced expanded plans for

04 Apr 2010

Easter Open Thread

The morning here started at 6am to the devouring of chocolate rabbit ears; later on we’re having our first ever Easter egg hunt on a warm green grass lawn instead of on top of snowbanks. Record warm temperatures are being reported all around New England this weekend- so like many

03 Apr 2010

President Obama’s Thursday Speech At Maine’s Portland Expo

Not only was Thursday April Fool’s Day, but it also marked my 1st anniversary as PHB Barista. And I think April 1 is now my unofficial favorite day of the year! 49 minute video via C-SPAN of the President’s Portland Expo speech. NOTE: If any of my fellow baristas know

03 Apr 2010

God, er, Dog Is My Co-Pilot!

Came awfully, awfully close to entitling this post The New Adventures of ‘Bert and I’, but knew the reference to a DownEast Maine classic would be a tad obscure for most. Anyways, meet the newset member of our family- Bertie! Short for “Prince Albert Philbert”. More below the fold; a