15 May 2010

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Discusses Tea Party Takeover of Maine GOP

From earlier this week; take a look: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I sense a slogan here or at least a bumper sticker! Maine’s 2010 GOP: “From Lobster Pot to Crackpot!” More below the fold, including reactions to the new tea-stained platform by

11 May 2010

Maine Republican Platform Is Now Permanently “Tea-Stained”

Maine GOP Platform HERE. Have you heard the news yet? Maine Republicans held their convention this past weekend and… well… this is what you get when you invite a handful of over-the-hill white racist birther yahoos! They decided to throw out the proposed platform out the door and turn the

06 May 2010

GLAD Presser: Federal Court Hears Arguments in DOMA Challenge

Photos of post-hearing GLAD presser via Facebook. Video of Mary Bonauto’s press conference. New press release from GLAD: Federal Court Hears Arguments in DOMA Challenge This morning in Boston, six years after the first same-sex couples in the country started marrying in Massachusetts, eight married same-sex couples and three widowers

06 May 2010

GLAD’s Mary Bonauto Takes On DOMA Section 3 Challenge Today in Boston

UPDATED at 3:30 pm- Photos of post-hearing GLAD presser now available via Facebook. Trial starts at 10:30 am. While there will be no webcast or broadcast media coverage, you can follow along via GLADLaw’s Twitterfeed. Their most recent Tweets:   Arriving at the courthouse for argument Much excitement #DOMA Mary

05 May 2010

Federal Court to Hear Arguments Tomorrow in DOMA Challenge

From GLAD comes the following press release this morning:   Federal Court to Hear Arguments Tomorrow in DOMA Challenge Tomorrow in Boston, eight married same-sex couples and three widowers will go to Federal District Court to hear arguments in their challenge to Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage

01 May 2010

Pete LaBarbera Celebrates May Day…

… by praying away Teh Evul Gay Indoctrination Within Skoolz! Via RightWingWatch.org: …Among the speakers during this hour was Americans for Truth’s Peter LaBarbera who, predictably, used his five minutes to attack gays, asking God to forgive us for our “excessive tolerance,” lamenting “the long secular road America has traveled

29 Apr 2010

Failed ME Gov Candidate Mike Heath Sees Bare Breasts Part Of ‘Ulterior Motive Of Homosexual Agenda’

Eeeks! A boobie! More boobies! They’re EVERYWHERE!!! I promise, in the telling of today’s tale, not to titillate or breast beat. No, I will stick to the facts. There will be no jokes of Chesty McBreathless. No “Knock/knock Knockers” jokes. No extra padding! Such antics would act as cleavage from

26 Apr 2010

Guest Post By MCLU’s Brianna Twofoot: I’m Gonna March My Anger Away

Crossposted with permission.    At this point, you probably already know about the extreme anti-immigrant Arizona bill that was signed into law last week. Normally, I like to blog about issues in our own state, but bills like the one in Arizona cannot go without comment. Last week, MCLU Development Associate Edward blogged about the rights we

26 Apr 2010

Another DADT Protest CD: Sit In At Senator McCain’s Office

4:35pm update: They have all now been cited and released. Those arrested are: Meg Sneed, Jimmy Gruender, Lee Walters, (Lonnie) Allen Howard-Stidham and Luisa Valdez. Photo taken by Luis Garcia. 4:15pm- It has now come to light that neither Get Equal or Equality Across America are behind the current CD

23 Apr 2010

“Autumnistas For Truth” Want To Know: Does Peter LaBarbera Heart Autumn?

h/t Karen Ocamb Sure does look that way! But as we all know, this flirtation has been building for awhile now…   Transgender activist “Autumn” Sandeen (the man dressed in a woman’s Navy uniform at left) and homosexual activist Lt. Dan Choi (second from left) join others in chaining themselves