22 Jul 2010

Sharron Angle Announces Press Conference- Then Runs Away From Reno Media

Nevada’s Sharon Angle… hee. Dontcha love her? I know Harry Reid does! Here’s the story: Angle seeks to fill the shoes of the man who is arguably the most powerful person in the Senate right now, but her campaign has gotten off to a shaky start following her primary win.

19 Jul 2010

NOM’s “Summer of Marriage” Albany Stop- Draws 3 Dozen. REALLY.

Keep documenting; keep taking the pictures. Keep people informed as to the truth of the “NOM Summer Of Marriage 2010” trainwreck bus tour, folks. From my friend John comes these photos via Facebook. . . A wide angle shot of the “crowds”. Pretty sparse crowd, far worst showing yet I

09 Jul 2010

NOM’s Reaction To Yesterday’s Gill V OPM/DOMA Case in Boston

Just too delicious not to share the entire email screed! And in case anyone thinks that Maine has forgotten NOM's role in removing our marriage equality law, check out the mass email EqualityMaine sent out below the fold. Hey, Brian and Maggie? Maine and New England have a message for

08 Jul 2010

Open Thread and Fundie Reactions!

Not only did Mary Bonauto and Martha Coakley win big-time in Boston today, but we just learned that the NBC/Today Show just reversed itself regarding its “Modern Day Wedding Contest” rules and IS allowing for same-sex couples! From GLAAD: You Spoke and NBC Listened: Today Show’s “Modern Day Wedding Contest”

08 Jul 2010

BREAKING: Gill Vs OPM Decision In; DOMA Violates Equal Protection Principles

4:30 PM EDT- Breaking story and to be updated. 5:00 PM- Decision has been released. 5:30 PM- Press releases below the fold from GLAD and HRC; GLAD is holding a media conference call to begin shortly. From GLADLaw’s Twitter: GLADLaw Great news! U.S. District Court held that DOMA “violates …

08 Jul 2010

Happy Birthday, Pam!

Open Thread Time, so we can all wish our true Fearless Leader all of our best! ~Louise UPDATE: Many, many thanks for the kind birthday wishes! As I promised, I’ve added a birthday “80s skirt photo” – the blogmistress’s exercise in graceless aging (LOL – delusions have set in) quickly

27 May 2010

BREAKING (updated): SASC Votes 16-12 on Repeal DADT Amendment

(7:15pm) It all started with the following email and now reactions are pouring in, as the SASC today made history with the first vote ever to repeal DADT. Via Dallas Voice, this quote attributed to Aubrey Sarvis: ALL, We are hearing repeal vote may come in SASC [Senate Armed Services

24 May 2010

Governor Janet Brewer’s Latest Venture: “Arizona Sing-A-Long: Read Immigration Law!”

Jim Henson is SPINNING… From The Hill:   Who knew that Kermit the Frog was this into politics. The campaign of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has put out a video that features a frog puppet — that looks much like the famous Sesame Street character — to help sell

18 May 2010

Tea Party Backed Rand Paul Wins Kentucky GOP Senate Nomination

Breaking News:   LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Political novice Rand Paul rode support from tea party activists to victory in Kentucky’s Republican Senate primary Tuesday night, delivering a jolt to the GOP establishment and providing fresh evidence of widespread voter discontent in a turbulent midterm election season. Paul had 59 percent

18 May 2010

Next GOP Political Sin-O-Rama Contestant: 8 Term Rep. Mark Souder of Indiana

BONUS FEATURE: Souder’s “Issues” page Yet another story of a long-term, Republican politician running on the “conservative, anti-lgbt, faith-based family values” platform who can’t stick to the ole marriage vows or keep it in his pants…   From FauxNews:   Eight-term Indiana Rep. Mark Souder was announcing his resignation Tuesday