14 Sep 2010

Maine’s Paul LePage Interviews: “An Absolute Disaster”

(Apparently Mrs Potatohead Paul LePage did indeed remember to pack her husband’s “Angry Eyes” for his scheduled news conference on Monday.)   ============== Hate to say it, but finally Paul LePage and I agree on something- yesterday was an absolute disaster for the LePage campaign. And now it seems the

09 Sep 2010

Gub Hopeful Paul LePage (R-ME) Lies: Now Set To Music!

(Personally, I think the Thompson Twins “Lies, Lies” would work equally as well as Fleetwood Mac)… but this is a good follow-up to The Buffalo Stance! Dirigo Blue breaks down yesterday’s poll numbers here: The cross tabs of those polled are what you might expect, although more of those survey

08 Sep 2010

EQME Call To Action: Smith Outlines LePage’s Anti-LGBT Positions

Go, Betsy, Go! She's right- as the polls stand right now, LePage is leading in the Maine gubernatorial race. But we have enough time to gather together up here and work HARD to elect a Governor who will not only defend our 2005 anti-discrimination law, but who has already voted

08 Sep 2010

DGA Explains ME Gub Candidate LePage’s Energy Plans: “Drill Baby Drill” and “Nuke Baby Nuke”

Check out this DGA ad and expect more of these ads in other races throughout the country. More from Politico: In Maine, the DGA is running an ad blasting Republican Waterville Mayor Paul LePage for endorsing nuclear power and offshore drilling, in an ad that starts with images of Maine’s

07 Sep 2010

Maine GOP Candidate Paul LePage’s “Buffalo Stance” And “Not A Tea Partier!” Dance

Love. This. From Dirigo Blue, more about LePage trying to buffalo Maine: It’s amazing – even when Paul LePage is making shit up, he can’t get it right. There are over 40 species of black flies to be found in Maine, according to this study from 1979 by L.S. Bauer

25 Aug 2010

ME Teabagger Gubernatorial Candidate Opens Mouth- and Spews Myths of Buffaloes and Black Flies

As Snooky just commented, “No wonder Paul LePage doesn’t talk to the press!” First and foremost, I gotta apologize. Apparently LePage does come out from the Bob-In occasionally and speak to the press. The RGA may want to think about tightening up their leash on their pet after this latest

24 Aug 2010

Shorter MSNBC: Maine Refounders/ Tea Party= Racists

 Oh, what a flock of boobs we have up here in Maine! Not happy with simply amusing the American public back in May with their hijacking of the GOP platform, the Refounders decided to double-down on their lunacy yesterday- much to the collective hilarity and incredulity of folks on MSNBC.

19 Aug 2010

Amended Judgment Entered in GLAD DOMA Challenge

GLAD just issued the following press release; sharing as received:     Amended Judgment Entered in GLAD DOMA Challenge; Parties Agree to a Stay   An amended judgment was entered on August 18, 2010, in Gill v. Office of Personnel Management, the challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act filed by Gay &

16 Aug 2010

Breaking: 9th Court Stays CA Marriage Ruling

7:45pm- AFER’s press release is below the fold, as will be others that come in.~Louise Working fast; will be updated. Confirmed via CNN. From Politico: The Ninth Circuit has stayed Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling in the high-profile Constitutional challenge to California’s same-sex marriage ban. The case is scheduled to be

13 Aug 2010

Prop 8 Aftermath- And Now We Wait.

More than a little tired today, Blenders, so a really quick post. A very grateful shout-out to Keori, for posting the video of NOM’s Brian Brown discussing “Perry”, while Mamma was on her 200 plus mile errand of mercy yesterday- and for calling with the updates of Judge Walker’s ruling