17 Nov 2010

BREAKING: Prop 8 Oral Arguments To Be Televised Live on C-SPAN

Good news! By way of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals: United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Notice of Docket Activity The following transaction was entered on 11/17/2010 at 3:54:16 PM PST and filed on 11/17/2010 Case Name: Kristin Perry, et al v. Arnold Schwarzenegger, et

14 Nov 2010

My “Happy Birthday” Wishes to HRC’s Marty Rouse

I cannot tell you all how much I have missed being here on the Blend. The past political season has been a very long one indeed and it’s good to be “home”, even if it is just for a quick visit! ~ Louise Good ole Facebook; it never fails to

14 Oct 2010

Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire: “It Gets Better”

I-love-this. Here is Bishop Robinson’s video.

13 Oct 2010

Liberty Hill’s Darrell Tucci: It Gets Better

(Cross-posted with permission and many thanks!) October 07, 2010 It Gets Better – From Despair to Activist Byline: Darrell Tucci In light of the recent suicides of gay teens around the country, I felt compelled to share my own story for the first time to let youth know it gets

12 Oct 2010

With Judge Ordering End to DADT, Udall, Gillibrand, 19 Other Senators Urge WH Not To Appeal

Just in, the following press release:       United States Senate   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Tuesday, October 12, 2010   CONTACTS:   Jennifer Talhelm (Udall) – 202-224-4334                           Bethany Lesser (Gillibrand) – 202-253-5030             With Judge Ordering End to ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ Udall, Gillibrand, 19 Other Senators Urge

11 Oct 2010

Throwing The Book At President Obama In The City Of Brotherly Love

Hmm. Strange days indeed… Name of the book? “Moving America Forward”, of course- looks more like an illegal forward pass and that the receiver down field wasn’t paying attention whatsoever! President Obama was in Philadelphia yesterday for the “Moving America Forward” rally.  Though much of the U.S. media didn’t report

05 Oct 2010

Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) First 2010 Campaign Ad: “Small Business”

First, the ad and then the accompanying press release below the fold. Go, Chellie!  

28 Sep 2010

Maine’s Paul LePage Can’t Drive… Fifty FIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

UPDATE: There is a video clip of LePage in the go-kart, below the fold. LePage demonstrating that this habitually offending speeder does NOT, repeat, does NOT, “have a lead foot”– and in the process, resembles a tap-dancing Yogi Bear. Say, where the heck is his wife “Boo-Boo”? Hibernating in Florida?

19 Sep 2010

Breaking: Lady Gaga Holding DADT Repeal Rally in Portland ME Tomorrow!

I… just don’t know what to say about this other than WOW. BREAKING VIA TWITTER: @ladygaga Meet me in Portland, Maine 2moro, 9/20 to help repeal #DADT. I’m holding a Rally + speaking live in Deering Oaks Park . . . FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 19, 2010 MEDIA ADVISORY /

17 Sep 2010

CALL TO ACTION: Senate Votes Needed To Break McCain DADT Filibuster

Joint post by Louise and Keori Blenders, we’ve come down to the “Final Assault” on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Harry Reid has filed for cloture on the National Defense Authorization Act, which contains an amendment for DADT repeal. The vote to break the planned Republican filibuster will be on Tuesday