21 Mar 2010

Reactions to Health Care Reform Bill Passage

Link here to C-SPAN. President Obama, flanked by Vice President Biden, addressed the nation briefly tonight from the East Room. 11:48 p.m.: President Obama says that the House’s vote on health care “wasn’t an easy vote but it was the right vote.” Speaking from the East Room of the White

21 Mar 2010

Open Thread: Health Care Reform

 4:30 update- From CNN, House Members hold up signs of “KILL THE BILL” from the exterior of the Capitol, to encourage their Tea Party brethren’s chantings.   Livestreaming video via C-SPAN Link to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is using the same gavel

21 Mar 2010

Open Thread: Breakups

 They suck- and we’ve all been through them. Some are really painful; others not so much. Sometimes you see them coming and other times, it’s a sucker punch to the gut. But- the common thread is that they HURT. Too many people I truly give a damn about have experienced

21 Mar 2010

Must-See Video Interviews of D.C. Tea Partiers

This is a long clip but well worth the viewing. The interviews within tell the story. From New Left Media, the following description of this clip: On March 16, 2010, Tea Partiers from around the country gathered (in disappointing numbers) in front of the Capitol building for their final protest

20 Mar 2010

Tea Partiers in DC Spit on Rep Cleaver; Call Frank “F****t”, Reps Lewis and Carson “N****r”

Today, the Tea Party Movement revealed itself to be far less about taxes/ “Amerukun Valooz” and far more about hatred than ever before. House Democrats heard it all Saturday – words of inspiration from President Obama and raucous chants of protests from demonstrators. And at times it was flat-out ugly,

20 Mar 2010

Pope Tells Abusing Priests: “Submit To Justice”

Looks like Papa Ratzi’s throwing his own under the Popemobile: VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI told priests who have abused children to submit to the “demands of justice,” according to a letter released Saturday. The pontiff said a misplaced concern for the church’s reputation and inadequate methods of choosing

17 Mar 2010

Meet Congressional Candidate Scott Galvin (D-North Miami)

This continues to be an exciting political year with some fantastic candidates deserving recognition and support via EqualityGiving.org. Earlier this week we met Ed Potosnak, running for New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District. Today, we are focusing on another wonderful and exciting candidate- Scott Galvin, who is currently serving as North

16 Mar 2010

Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME) Establishes Online Appropriation Requests Transparency System

Have I said recently how much I love my representative, Chellie Pingree (D-ME)? Well, here’s the most recent reason- check out this press release and see if you don’t agree: Online videos of appropriations requests take transparency to next level Congresswoman Chellie Pingree establishes new system offering public an opportunity

15 Mar 2010

Next Up For the GOP Bestiality Rodeo Round-Up: AZ Sen Candidate J D Hayworth!

Last week we had perennial Blend fave, Neil “I Love A Good Mule Romp” Horsley (and lest we forget, failed Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate), making headlines with news of his being charged with domestic terrorism threats against Elton John– h/t Blender Kevinchi. And now this week, we’re starting out with

15 Mar 2010

Meet Ed Potosnak (D), Running for NJ’s 7th Congressional District

It is my great pleasure to introduce the Blend to New Jersey’s Edward Potosnak, the presumptive Democratic nominee, who is running against freshman GOP Congressman Leonard Lance in a highly competitive race. I am a Chemistry teacher and small businessman. For the past two years I have worked in Congressman