20 Jan 2009

Would Everybody Just Give Justice Roberts a Break?

Just because Justice Roberts misspoke a little, doesn’t mean that there are any legal problems with President Obama’s oath of office. Everybody relax!

15 Jan 2009

Question for Holder: Do You Believe the Government Should Stop the Appeal in the Jawad Case?

A military judge found that teenager Mohamed Jawad has been tortured and that his status an an enemy combatant is in error. Yet the government is appealing this decision. What is Holder’s opinion? Will he repudiate and investigate torture an other war crimes? Inquiring minds want to know.

12 Jan 2009

Obama to Close Gitmo — Where To Put the “High Value” Detainees?

Where should the detainees go? And by what process should they get there?

11 Jan 2009

Note to PEBO: This “Prosecute the Torturers” Issue isn’t Going to Go Away (Part II)

Recent’ admissions and revelations show that Dick Cheney and other high ranking Bush Administration officials had direct control over the individual particulars of torture; actually individually authorized each slap, each zap. The White House has built an interrogation room in the basement. How can the US fail to apply the same standard for their prosecution that we are currently applying to Charles Taylor, Jr.?

10 Jan 2009

Note to PEBO: This “Prosecute the Torturers” Issue isn’t Going to Go Away (Part I)

70,000 voters asked President-elect Obama if he would appoint someone to prosecute torturers. The disappointing response is that the new Administration prefers to “look forward” and punted the decision to DOJ.

09 Jan 2009

Either Blagojevich’s Lawyer Has Lost His Mind, or I Have

Blago’s lawyer seems to be as crazy as he is. The “impropriety” and violations of criminal procedure law and prosecutorial ethics could not have happened as he said they did. The quotes Pat used were already unsealed when he used them. Blago’s lawyer knows, or should know this.

07 Jan 2009

Kennedy–How is She the Frontrunner?

Soooo, now we know why Republican Peter King was salivating over the idea of Caroline Kennedy getting appointed to the Senate. It turns out, that’s his best scenario for getting elected to the seat himself in 2010.

A new poll shows that in a head to head match up with Pete King, Caroline Kennedy is within the margin of error (46 Kennedy/44 King) but Andy Coumo trounces King (48 Coumo/29 King).

04 Jan 2009

Reid Says Blagojevich Indictment “Coming In A Few Days” — Maybe Not

Today, Harry Reid said on Meet the Press that an indictment against Rod Blagojevich “will be coming in a few days according to the US Attorney in Illinois.”

That’s probably wishful thinking on Harry’s part.

02 Jan 2009

New York Does Not Need a Lameduck Senator

This may go down as an all time silly idea. To avoid insulting Caroline Kennedy, David Paterson should appoint a “placeholder” senator?

02 Jan 2009

Is Eric Holder Going to Let Himself be Outclassed by Harriet Meirs?

Politico is reporting that Eric Holder is the ONLY caninet nominee likely to face opposition from the Senate. He should stop acting like Gov. Blagojevich, screwing over his own party and his own president, and instead, withdraw his name from consideration.