12 Jan 2013

Teachers with Guns?

Most of you probably heard about or watched Ed Schultz’ interview of a Utah teacher who said she had a concealed carry permit and was bringing a gun into her classroom. When Ed asked her if she had told the children she replied no, and when asked if she had

17 Nov 2012

Why “Conscience” Clauses are Unconstitutional and Dangerous for Women

First, let me say that I am not a constitutional lawyer, nor a lawyer of any stripe at all. What follows is just my lay opinion on the subject. But I surely cannot be any more foolish than some of the supposed experts on Constitutional law if you include the

31 Oct 2012

Polls, Schmolls, They’re All Wrong and Here’s Why

He’s up, He’s down, He’s up and down at the same time! WTF? What is going on here? Apart from the usual idiocy of the horse-race instead of actually focusing on the issues (and I don’t believe Benghazi-gate is actually an ISSUE!) but that is fodder for another discussion, the

25 Jul 2012

I Built My Lemonade Stand All By Myself With No Help From Anyone!

Neil Cavuto had a couple of very young girls on his show on Faux Noise to punch home the meme that President Obama is un-American and doesn’t understand how businesses work or something. He asked these darling kids if they built their lemonade stand all by themselves. First they said

10 May 2012

Moncef Marzouki Refuses to Meet With US Official Because Of Torture

In a recent interview with Julian Assange, newly elected Tunisian President and human rights activist Moncef Marzouki recounted that four years ago he was invited to visit the White House by an unnamed official.  Marzouki and Assange had been discussing the issue of torture, in particular the issue of solitary

17 Sep 2011

How Not to Read and Criticize a Post

I wrote a post on FDL recently.  It didn’t receive many comments but the ones it did receive were quite “instructive” shall we say. The topic was timely – but there were several issues around the topic.  Issue A, Issue B, Issue C, and Issue D. Next, a research paper

15 Sep 2011

Let’s Get Past the Media Hysteria About Bachmann’s HPV Statements and Have Some Real Reporting On The Issue

The Background:  Gov. Rick Perry was forced to defend himself for mandating the HPV vaccine for young girls (also known as Gardasil) in Texas.  He previously had fought against this on social conservative anti-choice grounds as supposedly it would lead to these young girls thinking they could now become “promiscous”

23 Jan 2011

To All Olbermann Fans (Or Not), May I Recommend…

Support our true liberal media!

15 Jan 2011

What Can We Do But Cry?

Where is our attention on the deaths of the other 3000+ kids who die as a result of gun violence in this country every year?

24 Dec 2010

Why Mitch McConnell No Longer Has A Stranglehold on the Republicans in The Senate

Lisa Murkowski’s win frees her from the usual Republican lock-step politics.