28 Jun 2012

Suprise: Corporatist/Fascist Roberts Defends Corporatism/Fascism

There was some speculation that the Supreme Court would use the Obama’care’ ruling to overthrow the entire social safety net. Thank goodness they didn’t do that. But what they’ve done, while predictable, is perhaps worse. Roberts does a nice bit of dancing to suggest that there’s nothing out of the

14 May 2012

In Praise Of Cyndi Lauper, And The Triumph Of Compartmentalization

This article turned up on Yahoo headlines this morning, and helped ruin my day… Whether it was a flip-flop, or an evolution, or a change of view, President Obama is the first sitting president to endorse same-sex marriage. Coincidentally, the same week the president announced this change, Cyndi Lauper, one

21 Mar 2012

Dystopia Now

One feels almost speechless, as one watches a dystopian world take form around us. One thinks back to all those old stories we used to hear, books we used to read, movies we used to watch, the ones that we reassured ourselves were only fantasy, from 1984, to Videodrome, to

27 Feb 2012

Partisan Populism Prostrate

” alt=”null” /> Never, I suspect, has humanity seemed so prostrate. In the face of an emerging global takeover by a corporatist fascist system that appears to be on the verge of achieving what even Orwell must have thought was not REALLY possible, the fascist jackboot stomping on the face

25 Jan 2012

Heading For Hell, Election By Election

Some of the reaction I’ve seen, on the ‘left’, to Obama’s speech reminds me of a conversation I had a couple of months ago with a teacher friend of mine. This is someone that I would call both highly intelligent and well informed, generally. He was very distressed over the

17 Jan 2012

Why Is It So Easy For ‘Progressives’ To Hate Ron Paul?

Don’t get me wrong, I hate Ron Paul too now. He’s turned out to be a liar and the most savage Austerity Ghoul imaginable. Like many on the ‘populist right’, such as many libertarians and constitutionalists, he acted like he might actually want to seek understandings and common ground with

24 Nov 2011

Time To Bring Civilization To Syria?

Washington’s Blog, along with numerous other alternative news and commentary sites, is warning that Obama’s next war may be immanent, and will likely involve Turkey and the Arab League attacking Syria – using US weapons and with US support and coordination, of course. There’s no need for anyone to be

14 Oct 2011

Carter Was (Partially) Right

The struggle we see today in America, in the unrest exemplified by two deeply coopted movements, the Tea Party movement and the Occupy Wall Street movement – both of which nonetheless reflect genuine grassroots frustration – is the culmination of decades of crisis. Jimmy Carter announced the struggle that lay

22 Aug 2011

Hurrah To Our (Nobel-Winning) Conquering Hero!

Now it’s on to Syria, then Iran, then Venezuela! There are more Nobel Prizes to be won…

05 Aug 2011

Crocodile Tears Over Syria

Ramzy Baroud comments on the horrifying situation in Syria, in a complex piece that makes many good points. Here is an exerpt: True, Syria was and will remain a target for Western pressures. But what needs to be realized is that these pressures are motivated by specific policies concerning Israel,