13 Feb 2012

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs Can Only Be Achieved With Small Businesses

Everyday, as I watch the national news, everyone is talking about jobs, jobs, jobs, but small businesses are conspicuously absent from the discussion. According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau data, small businesses are responsible for creating over 90% of net new U.S. jobs. Independent organizations like the Kauffman Foundation

25 Jan 2012

Obama Approves Program That Allows Prime Contractors to Cheat Small Businesses

As part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), President Barack Obama renewed a program large prime contractors use to circumvent the Small Business Act. The Comprehensive Subcontracting Plan Test Program (CSPTP) is fascinating for a number of different reasons. First of all, it’s a test program that has never

19 Jan 2012

Obama’s Merger of the SBA and Dept. of Commerce is Designed to Kill Federal Small Business Programs, Not Shrink Government

Despite the President’s claim that it will ‘streamline’ the federal government, Obama’s recent proposal to consolidate six federal trade and commerce departments is actually an attempt to close the Small Business Administration. For over three years I have been predicting that President Obama would try to close the SBA by

27 Dec 2011

Obama Administration Will Abolish The Most Successful Minority Job Creation Program in U.S. History

Before the holidays are over, the Obama administration will most likely eliminate the nation’s oldest and most successful program for directing federal infrastructure spending to minorities. By abolishing this program, which was established by the Civil Rights act to require that five percent of federal infrastructure spending be with minority-owned

12 Aug 2011

Earth to Washington: Small Businesses Create All Net New Jobs

As I watch the coverage of our nation’s failing economy, an army of political pundits and economists parade through news programs giving their take. Yet one piece of information is conspicuously absent from mainstream coverage of the economy: small businesses create the majority of net new jobs in America. According

26 Jul 2011

Why the Justice Department Should Also Investigate the NSA for Phone Hacking

Attorney General Eric Holder announced the Justice Department would begin an investigation into News Corporation and Rupert Murdoch. The FBI has also decided to investigate Mr. Murdoch and News Corp. Both investigations begin amid allegations that the now defunct News of the World attempted to hack the phones of 9/11

26 Oct 2010

Lloyd Chapman: What Obama Could Do Now

The federal government has a goal of awarding 23 percent of the total value of its purchases to small businesses.  It is not currently meeting that goal.  A recent study by the American Small Business League  (ABSL) found that small businesses only receive between 2 and 6 percent of federal

01 Sep 2010

An Open Letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from American Small Business League President Lloyd Chapman

Despite at least $3 trillion in government spending aimed at stimulating the economy, a multitude of economic indicators now show that the economy is poised to slip into a double dip recession. In order to stave off another dip into further recession Congress and the Obama Administration need to direct federal funds to small businesses.

16 Jul 2010

Analysis of Latest Obama Administration Small Business Contracting Data Released

The American Small Business League (ASBL) has released the first analysis of the government’s fiscal year (FY) 2009 small business contracting data, and found 61 percent actually going to corporate giants.