28 Oct 2014

Will Closing the SBA Really Help Streamline the Government?

For over two years, the Obama administration has been insisting that closing the SBA will somehow streamline government. In November of 2008, I predicted President Obama would try and close the SBA by combining it with the Department of Commerce. On January 14, 2012, he proved me right and announced

25 Sep 2014

The SBA Should Be Investigated By The FBI And The GAO

Last month the Small Business Administration (SBA) took public comment on a new policy titled “safe harbor from fraud penalties.” Under current federal law, any large business that misrepresents its status as a small business to illegally receive federal small business contracts can face up to ten years in prison, a $500,000 fine

18 Sep 2014

SBA Struggles To Cover Up Rampant Fraud Against Mounting Evidence

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is starting to run out of believable excuses to explain why every year since 2000, billions of dollars in federal small business contracts have wound up in the hands of some of the largest corporate giants in the world. The SBA has consistently claimed for

14 Aug 2014

Robin Williams Was Hilarious, Courageous and Kind

I never met Robin Williams, but our lives intersected on occasion. For a while we both had the same hair stylist in San Anselmo, California and we had our haircut on the same schedule. I would be in the chair having my hair cut and I would see him walk

07 Aug 2014

Washington Post Finds SBA Has Fabricated Contracting Data for Years

The Washington Post is finally coming around to the fact that the Small Business Administration (SBA) has been falsifying and fabricating the volume and percentage of federal contracts that have been awarded to small businesses for several years. While I like Washington Post reporter J.D. Harrison’s story, there are a

30 Jul 2014

One Call To SBA’s Terry Sutherland Could Lead To A Pulitzer Prize

You think stories about the Small Business Administration (SBA) are beneath you and trivial. Would a story about over a trillion dollars in federal contracting fraud that involves every federal agency and the Pentagon’s largest prime contractors interest you? I suggest you take five minutes and make one phone call

08 Jul 2014

Terry Sutherland’s Appearance Explained with New SBA Fraud Protection Policy

I have been wondering why one of the most tenured and experience Pentagon spokesmen suddenly popped up at one of the smallest agencies in government, the Small Business Administration (SBA). It makes perfect sense. Terry Sutherland is there to help journalists understand why the SBA needs a policy to create

01 Jul 2014

SBA Magic Trick Turns Thousands of Big Businesses into Small Ones

On Monday morning July 14, thousands of big businesses will instantly become small businesses again. The Small Business Administration (SBA) will perform this magical miracle with just two quiet policy changes. Hounded for over a decade for diverting billions of dollars in federal small business contracts to big businesses, the

27 Jun 2014

SBA Expected to Release Fraudulent and Falsified Small Business Data Soon

Every year about this time the Small Business Administration (SBA) issues a press release claiming the federal government barely missed the 23% small business contracting goal required by law. In reality the Obama Administration has never come anywhere close to reaching the minimum 23% small business-contracting goal. Based on all

23 Jun 2014

Does Terry Sutherland Prove The Pentagon Runs The Small Business Administration?

Read the Small Business Administration (SBA) press release announcing that retired Naval Commander Terry Sutherland is taking over as Press Office Director of the SBA. It states, “Terry Sutherland reported as the Director, Press Office, U.S. Small Business Administration, Washington D.C. in April 2013.” The second paragraph says, “Prior to