16 Jul 2013

Black Stuff Found Around Eastern Japan May Be Fukushima Nuclear Fuel

We at SimplyInfo.org have reported extensively on the highly radioactive “black stuff” being found around eastern Japan, as far away as Tokyo. Citizens initially found the substance, usually concentrated in gutters and low spots. Some superficial analysis had been done on the substance, again by citizens. The government has refused to acknowledge

03 Dec 2012

New research shows corrosion may accelerate failures at Fukushima Daiichi

New research shows that corrosion of reactor pipes currently being used to pump water into the reactors in an attempt to cool the melted fuel may compromise those pipes long before TEPCO plans to stop injecting water. This same corrosion may be doing considerable damage to metal parts in the

13 Nov 2012

Fukushima Children Being Denied Needed Medical Care

Children in Fukushima and other parts of Japan are being denied access to doctors and needed tests. Why? To keep up the myth that radiation exposure doesn’t cause health damage. The Health Survey head has managed to get most doctors in Japan to comply with his demand that doctors stop