29 Oct 2013

Don’t say you weren’t warned, Hawaii!

The Hawaii state legislature has convened in a special session this week for the purpose of debating and voting on a marriage equality bill.  If the bill passes, as is widely expected, bad things will happen everywhere, forever.  So says Hawaii Republican Assembly, in collaboration with the anti-LGBT hate group

27 Oct 2013

NOM pays for Hawaii marriage ads with shadowy high-roller money

{!hitembed ID=”hitembed_1″ width=”350″ height=”263″ align=”right” !} National Organization for Marriage is paying for t.v. ads asking Hawaiians to “let the people decide” whether same-sex couples can get married.  Irony alert: “the people” are nowhere to be found when it comes to paying for those ads. “[F]rom Hawaii comes an important

22 Oct 2013

Watch Live: March on Springfield for Marriage Equality

{!hitembed ID=”hitembed_1″ width=”300″ height=”563″ align=”right” !} Marriage equality advocates will be gathering at noon today (Central Time) at the Illinois state capitol in Springfield to push for House passage of the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act (SB 10), which the state Senate passed in February. Watch LIVE by clicking

21 Oct 2013

NJ Gov. Christie Throws In Marriage Discrimination Towel

Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie is cutting his losses and has “advised” the state’s attorney general to withdraw his appeal to a lower court’s order that allowed same-sex couples to begin marrying in New Jersey starting at midnight last night. Last year Gov. Christie vetoed a marriage equality bill

19 Oct 2013

Updating NOM’s Marriage Map

This Summer, after legislatures in Rhode Island, Delaware and Minnesota granted same-sex couples the freedom to marry and the US Supreme Court struck down California’s discriminatory Proposition 8 as well as the federal Defense of Marriage Act, National Organization for Marriage put on a brave face and posted this map.

16 Oct 2013

NOM apparently OK with homosex in school bathrooms

Never thought I’d see the day when one of National Organization for Marriage’s front groups has no quarrel with homosex in school bathrooms.  😉

14 Oct 2013

MA: Anti-Gay Catholic priest admits embezzling school and parish funds

The more they hate on the gays, the more they themselves have something to hide. At least, that’s frequently what we’ve learned from actively anti-gay politicians and religious leaders. Former U.S. Senator Larry Craig and Rev. Ted Haggard are two shining examples. Today another name was added to the long

30 Sep 2013

Family Policy Institute of Washington points children to “pornographic” book they don’t want them to read

The radical-right Christian organization Family Policy Institute of Washington doesn’t want kids to read the sex scene on page 80 of Cristina Garcia’s “Dreaming in Cuban”, so naturally they posted a link to a readable photo and a transcription of the text on Facebook. Facebook, where teens gather and young

30 Sep 2013

Scott Lively running for Governor of Massachusetts as spoiler candidate [Updated]

Scott Lively, the Springfield-based anti-gay activist on trial for the persecution of LGBT people in Uganda, has reportedly announced that he is running for Governor of Massachusetts.  Yesterday the blog Conservative Patriotreprinted an email from Mr. Lively in which Mr. Lively allegedly states: After long contemplation and prayer I am

27 Sep 2013

Shocking poll: Marriage equality fails to destroy Massachusetts

Same-sex marriage has been legal in Massachusetts for almost ten years, plenty of time for the signs of societal doom to manifest if that were to be the outcome.  So guess what Public Policy Polling has found in a recent survey of Massachusetts voters? Gay marriage being legal in Massachusetts