02 Dec 2009

The F Word: All-Too-Familiar Line on Afghanistan

The President talked about America’s enduring values again at West Point Tuesday night. And there they were, a whole lot of values whose time one can only wish were up.

02 Dec 2009

GRITtv Live: Health Care Hits Senate

As activists make their way around Capitol Hill for today’s day of lobbying against the Stupak amendment, we ask: What will the Senate health care bill look like? Amidst the grandstanding, egos, and filibuster threats, is it possible to come out of the Senate with a more progressive bill than

01 Dec 2009

The F Word: “Serious” Discussion of Afghanistan

Fareed Zakaria, giving voice to the Beltway consensus, said: “It is time to get real about Afghanistan. Withdrawal is not a serious option.” Does this mean that 51 to 53% of the American people simply aren’t “serious”? The “Church of the Savvy,” as today’s guest Jay Rosen calls them, clearly think so.

30 Nov 2009

The F Word: Not Just Jobs Needed Now

It’s not just jobs the nation needs, it’s jobs with justice — the sort government can create, not by thinking petty and small, but thinking big. The best thing that could happen at the president’s summit with CEOs is for him to declare a massive government jobs program at genuinely living wages, and for him to demand that private employers shape up.

25 Nov 2009

The F Word: Remembering Transgender Victims of Violence

In 128 cities in 17 countries last week, people gathered to remember transgender victims of violence. This year alone, more than 160 transgender people have been murdered—and that’s just the ones we know of. Because of a lack of understanding of gender identity issues, it is nearly impossible for organizations such as Transgender Europe to track down all actual cases of violence against trans people, or to determine whether they are all hate crimes, but the brutality involved in many of them implies that they are.

23 Nov 2009

The F Word: Pocketbook Politics in the Senate

It’s not people politics, it’s campaign contribution politics that are playing out in the Senate.

19 Nov 2009

The “F” Word: NOLA Disaster Man Made

Long neglect of federal infrastructure by governments more concerned with tax cuts than human safety is not a phenomenon limited to New Orleans. The NOLA negligence verdict makes the case for national infrastructure spending now.

18 Nov 2009

GRITtv Live: Reinventing the Neoliberal Social Order; Antonino D’Ambrosio

After the meltdown, what next? We continue our discussion by featuring David Harvey and Alexander Cockburn on reinventing the neoliberal social order. At CUNY not long ago, these two independent thinkers sat down with Laura to discuss possibilities for real, radical change, and we have a special look at that for you.

17 Nov 2009

The F Word: Real News Pales Next to Palin

Palin Palin all the time, and never a peep of complaint. That’s the long and short of the news cycle these past few day but there are just a few stories on which I’d like to see some follow up.

16 Nov 2009

The F Word: Buried Bonanza for Over-Builders

I just don’t get it. When Congress approves gifts worth billions of dollars to exactly the people who don’t deserve it, why isn’t it front page news?