26 Mar 2008

Americans for truth … about The Peter

Cross-posted from my blog at Larry’s Phat Page. Blenders, I ask for your help in spreading this information far and wide, if you’re willing.

23 May 2007

The truth about “The Peter”

The latest thing to set so-called “fundamentalist ‘Christians’” off has been some of the response to Jerry Falwell’s entrance into Hell eight days ago; my entry about that was just one of tens of thousands of such blog entries, articles, and other compositions all across teh intarwebz. Two notable Christofascist

20 May 2007

Why the American auto industry is in the toilet — some of it has to do with fundies

Cross-posted from Larry’s Phat Page. Since I last headed out to the road on May 9, I have watched Big Oil even further twist the knife into the back of the American people with its obvious and illegal collusion to jack fuel prices up. The average price I have been

24 Apr 2007

What Jackie Robinson can teach us about the GLBT rights movement

Cross-posted from Larry’s Phat Page. For at least a week, I’ve been promising to write an entry inspired by the sports pages of the April 13 edition of USA Today; I’m finally going to get around to doing that tonight. The article focused on a collection of letters written by

18 Apr 2007

A lesson we need to learn from the VA Tech massacre

This is cross-posted from my own blog at http://www.phatpage….

23 Mar 2007

The truth about the heterosexual deathstyle

This is cross-posted from my blog at Larry’s Phat Page. Enjoy the satire.

13 Mar 2007

Live-blogging the movie “Jesus Camp”

Last night on my own blog, at http://www.phatpage…. , I posted this “live-blog” of the first 20 minutes of the movie Jesus Camp. I wanted to share it with the PHB community.

11 Jan 2007

Hello fellow Blenders

Greetings, Blenders! I just signed up here the other night, and wanted to introduce myself and some of my writings a bit here. My name is Larry, and I’m a 26-year-old gay truck driver for a large 48-state carrier. When I’m not on the road, I live in Michigan. I