28 Aug 2009

Seminal Water Cooler: Chris Matthews, Historical Revisionist

Chris Matthews claims JFK “created the Civil Rights Movement.”

28 Aug 2009

African Patchwork: Global Warming

Africa has contributed less than any other region to the greenhouse gas emissions that are widely held responsible for global warming. But the continent is also the most vulnerable to the consequences.

27 Aug 2009

Argentina Decriminalizes Marijuana

Just days after the Mexican Congress decriminalized marijuana, Argentina’s judiciary has followed suit. In a case involving five youths in possession of some “marijuana cigarettes,” the Argentine Supreme Court declared, unanimously, “the unconstitutionality of prison for private consumption.”

Argentina’s Supreme Court ruled out prison for pot possession on Tuesday, saying the government should

24 Aug 2009

Mexico Decriminalizes Possession, Balks at Legalization

The Mexican government has enacted a law decriminalising the possession of small amounts of drugs, including cocaine and heroin. Mexican prosecutors say the move does not amount to legalisation. They say it is designed to prevent corrupt police from seeking bribes from small-time drug users, and to encourage addicts to seek treatment.

Those found in possession of the equivalent of four joints

20 Aug 2009

The Seminal Watercooler: Oil Industry Sabotaging Climate Bill

The oil industry and the health care industry run the same playbook.

19 Aug 2009

Cuomo Suing Schwab

Continuing The Seminal’s focus on what may be (once again) the next big name in Democratic politics, NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is still fighting the good fight against the financial oligarchy:

12 Aug 2009

A Small Thank You

Now I’m not one prone to pumping corporations in my spare time. Not in my paid time either, for that matter. But I’m a believer in giving credit where credit is due.

11 Aug 2009

The Seminal Watercooler: Taken for a Ride

Ever wondered why public transportation in the US is so sparse and so poor? Wonder no more.

11 Aug 2009

Reform to Mining Royalties Law

A modest proposal on closing the gaps in our budget: do shit we should’ve done years ago.