26 Sep 2009

Seminal Watercooler: Glenn Beck and Katie Couric, Toe to Toe

Via Reddit, which asks “Has Katie Couric done to Glenn Beck What She Did to Sarah Palin?” So what did Beck mean when he accused Obama, raised by his white mother and white grandparents, of a “deep-seated hatred for white culture”? Justin Gardner at Donklephant takes a stab at it:
Let me clue you in to what Beck means when he talks about white culture:

23 Sep 2009

Food Conglomerates Feeding Us More Trash

Considering we’ve been dwelling on the issue of public health all summer, I’d say the food conglomerates have emerged scandalously unscathed. There are, however, groups out there working to keep them honest. This from Food Democracy Now!

Recently, an alliance of over a dozen giant food conglomerates and some industry “experts” came up with a new nutrition labeling program meant to help consumers make “smarter food and beverage choices.”1 You might

21 Sep 2009

The Immigration Debate Will Be as Excruciating as the Health Care Debate

Those disgusted with the cellar standards of the health care debate face a bleak horizon.

11 Sep 2009

Marijuana and the Recession

It’s an old maxim that bartending is recession-proof, and it’s taken for granted that we as a society drown many of our problems in drink. But fewer consider that it was economic conditions that brought that right back to us. “I think this would be a good time for a beer,” FDR famously said as he repealed Prohibition, in large part for the stimulus it’d give to our depressed economy. Now, with our economy in the worst shape it’s been in since that day, another narcotic we do not have the right to enjoy is proving its economic resilience, and the economic stimulus it’s providing is garnering attention.

10 Sep 2009

Seminal Water Cooler: Respect Due

I’ve got to say, watching my president stand and deliver felt pretty good last night. He might not have said all the things I wanted to hear, but I recognize that I’m only one man and he’s got millions to satisfy. So, tonight, let’s tip our caps to BO and give credit in all the areas, little and large, where credit is due.

08 Sep 2009

Seminal Watercooler: Chomsky Owning People

Noam Chomsky, punking his interlocutors as only the encyclopedic-minded Chomsky can.

03 Sep 2009

Seminal Water Cooler: Man in a Van

Lesson from the Man in a Van – turn lemons into lemonade and then pour that lemonade on a canvas and call it art.

02 Sep 2009

Budget Problems Lead to Prison Reform in Colorado

As I wrote in July, one of the silver linings in this economic crisis is that it has spurred a long-overdue reevaluation of incarceration and corrections-programs in numerous US states. Colorado is now the latest:

01 Sep 2009

The Seminal Watercooler: Eliot Spitzer Running for Office in 2010?

Murdoch’s New York Post ran Eliot Spitzer on the front-page today with the header “Second Coming: Say It Ain’t Ho! Spitzer Eyes New Run.” Could it be?

31 Aug 2009

Mexico City Bans Plastic Bags

San Franscico did it. Los Angeles is doing it. The Irish have done it. Australia and China did it too. Even Tanzania and Kenya are keeping up with the Joneses.