07 Jun 2011

GBTV is fortunately (or unfortunately, depending) named.

This is minutia in the grand scheme of things, I suppose, but Glen Beck recently launched a new web-based TV channel.  Its network acronym is GBTV. When I read about it, my mental filters immediately registered (L)GBTV.  Though the V doesn't have any particular meaning, the rest of the acronym

18 Aug 2010

In re: Constitutional Tyranny and the Federalist Papers

I want to show you some quotes from the Federalist Papers, whose authors (John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and John Adams) had strong hands (i.e. Founding Fathers) in shaping the U.S. Constitution which supersedes a state constitution.  Most people forget about the Federalist Papers.  They were written under pseudonyms and published

08 Mar 2010

Do you use StumbleUpon? You may be considered “adult” content.

I don't write too often at PHB, but I am an avid reader.  I had a thought/gripe I thought I would share with the community here and get feedback. Are you familiar with StumbleUpon?  It's a website that allows you to designate your interests and then “stumble” across the Internets.