15 Mar 2011

First Hand Report From Bahrain

I am a moderator at a message board with a Bahraini member.  Here are a series of posts he has made from Bahrain.  The dates are when they were posted, not necessarily when written: Feb 17 2011 Hello friends, My first post ever in the [edited] is sadly in the

12 Mar 2011

Sorry but the comments are closed on this post

See this thread here and scroll to the bottom of the page: Two-Thirds of Americans Favor Full Withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan One question, who decides when debate is shut off here and what objective criteria are used to make the call?

10 Mar 2011

A Simple How-To Guide to a Balanced Federal Budget

Federal budget balancing for dummies: a simple, realistic plan.

07 Mar 2011

Matt Damon Sees (and tells) the Truth About Obama

From No 1 fan to critic-in-chief, Damon takes aim at Obama The President has rolled over to Wall Street completely, the star tells Tom Teodorczuk. Few of Barack Obama’s celebrity supporters at the 2008 US presidential election were as committed to his cause as the Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon. Rather

05 Mar 2011

Hello world!

Welcome to My FDL. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!