30 Aug 2011

Would We Be Better Positioned Today If McCain Had Won in 2008?

Even though there were significant differences in campaign rhetoric between the two major party presidential candidates, on policy post-election there has been very little real daylight between the stated positions of McCain and what the Obama administration has actually done. The entire American Left has thus been effectively unrepresented in

22 Aug 2011

Thinking Big: Killing the Republican Party and How to Actually Go About Doing It

Enough about fighting the Republicans battle by battle. The Democratic-Republican Wars the way they are being fought are as much of an unwinnable quagmire as any Vietnam or Afghanistan. It’s time to think in audacious terms, outside the dysfunctional failurebox and set about actually slaying the Elephant. Dead as in

21 Aug 2011

Shut Up and Fall in Line?

Is that it? Over a year from the convention and it’s already time to pick up the pom-poms, shut down the discussion- at a discussion site no less- and unconditionally support whatever failed Republican retread policies we are blessed to be handed down from on high? Yeah, No. Fuck no.

15 Aug 2011

Obama’s Narrative: a Story No One Wants to Read, a Story With No Hero.

This diary is response to a DailyKos piece that can be read in context here: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/08/15/1007115/-The-Crisis-in-American-Leadership-(Part-Three)?via=siderecent [The empircial method] is a powerful concept and one that can be used to easily and effectively advocate for progressive policies.  We tried X – it was an experiment.  Here’s how it worked.  We

29 Jul 2011

Mr. Corporate Media: Tear Down That Paywall

OK. The paywalling of large corporate news sites is probably never going to work in the way the concept’s proponents envision. It looks to me like the last gasp of the old print media business paradigm in which the revenue stream was derived both from selling advertising space and through

29 Jul 2011

Pathogenic Reason- Attacking an Ideological Monoculture

The Right is powered by these canned bumper sticker talking points that bounce around in blogs and pseudo-folksy chain emails- you probably get them forwarded to you from wingnut relatives. Once you’ve formulated potent rhetorical refutations of those talking points, you’ve got ammunition against not just the one poster parroting

27 Jun 2011

An Open Letter by Jeff Halper to the Israeli Jewish Public: Support the Gaza Flotilla

Reposting this to replace a diary that I can no longer find! Link: http://theonlydemocracy.org/2010/05/an-open-letter-by-jeff-halper-to-the-israeli-jewish-public-support-the-gaza-flotilla/ By Jeff Halper If we were not Israeli Jews, if the nine ships bringing 800 peace-makers from 40 countries would be sailing with humanitarian aid to an imprisoned population of a million and a half to, say,

30 Mar 2011

Focus, People

The cultural drift in Western societies is pretty much of one consistently towards liberality on social issues, although these tend only to change markedly over transgenerational timescales. People tend to be less racist than their parents, less homophobic, less sexist, more socially cosmopolitan etc. Even the conservative US will almost

22 Mar 2011

Koch Oil: “It was obvious to me that this was organized crime and management driven from the top down”- William Koch

Koch Oil may have fooled the mainstream Right, but they couldn’t fool their own family.   William Koch, brother of Charles and David has described his own family’s oil business as “…organized crime and management driven from the top down”.  In this report you can read how Koch Oil knowingly

21 Mar 2011

Ralph Nader on Al-Jezeera- Truth to Power

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZCucOQgQWY&feature=player_embedded Pretty clear eyed analysis of the situation of the state of American unions by Nader being interviewed by Riz Khan.  Worth a watch.