17 Aug 2013

Snowden, Manning and So-Called Secrets. It Isn’t the Russians and Chinese Secrecy Is Aimed At.

Assange claims the Russians are playing nice with Snowden and not trying to pry information from him. This strikes me as entirely reasonable–-if Snowden was one of literally thousands of admin with access to the same information it’s probably safe to assume that the Russians already knew essentially everything Snowden

11 Jun 2013

A Crown Jewel of the Enlightenment Lies Discarded in the Dungheap

The US Constitution with its Bill of Rights was and remains a remarkable document, one of the treasures of the Enlightenment–in itself one of the high water marks of human culture. It is also a document in mortal danger. Edward Snowden, like Bradley Manning, appears to be among the few

26 Apr 2013

Throw Open the Borders–All of Them. I’m Serious.

Here’s an idea whose time has most assuredly not come, and one whose time may never come but really I don’t care. Use it as a thought experiment if not as a serious call to action. I’ve come to a radical conclusion. The upsides of restricting ordinary people’s movements between

25 Apr 2013

Dear Left, Enjoy Your Pot and Gay Marriage Because That’s All You’re Getting

The putative left has definitively prevailed in the social sphere and there is no end in sight for that. The ascendancy of the libertarian right has meant that traditional social mores are under constant attack with fewer and fewer influential defenders, and at least a major part of even the

22 Mar 2013

Thoughts on War, 10 Years Post Shock and Awe

This is short because the scam is a very, very simple one. The beauty of initiating war is that among the conventional thinkers who dominate any society there can be no questioning or reappraisal of the wisdom or rationale for doing so. While the conflict is in the hot phase,

06 Mar 2013

We Can Do This the Easy Way Or…

Is now leased out, I die pronouncing it, Like to a tenement or pelting farm: England, bound in with the triumphant sea Whose rocky shore beats back the envious siege Of watery Neptune, is now bound in with shame, With inky blots and rotten parchment bonds: That England, that was

29 Oct 2012

The “Fiscal Cliff” Scam Unmasked– In Clear English

An admirably cogent and accessible explanation of why the so called “fiscal cliff” is pure political fear mongering in the form of an audio interview between Harry Shearer aka Ned Flanders and an actual economist, Dr. Stephanie Kelton. The Democrats and Republicans would strongly prefer you not understand this lesson

24 Oct 2012

People, This Democratic and Republican Thing Ain’t Working

There was a presidential debate where the candidates actually discussed the important policy issues that the corporate Republican and Republican Lite parties– aka R & D parties– assiduously avoid because they don’t want you thinking about them. Issues like: Do we really need to spend as much on “defense” as

06 Oct 2012

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Sorry, but this blog has been marked as spam as defined in our Terms of Service. The admin has already been contacted to review. Re: http://my.shadowproof.wpengine.com/barefootaccountant/2012/10/05/progressives-are-in-need-of-a-supportive-webblog-in-which-to-communicate-and-organize/ Spam? Really? It just happens over and over here and the mods never learn a thing or get any smarter. Entire diaries and comment

23 Jul 2012

What to Do (When Comments Are Turned Off)?

First let me preface this by opining that putting up a diary with comments turned off is disrespectful to both the readership and the spirit of a participatory site like MyFDL. Although I have not followed the discussion on FDL, ubetchaiam’s “No Obama in 2012? stimulated me to make an