13 Jun 2011

Time To Change The Filter? Bad Year For The News, pt 3

A number of stories this week seem to underscore or even strike at the basic notions of what personal power are and are not. But not just that. Stories that make plain what personal privacy with regard to the state might mean or in a community and what our legal

01 Jun 2011

Information Has Its Uses: Bad Year For The News, pt 2

In the days and weeks following the tremendous earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan in March, amidst the talk and fears and misinformation and attempts at clarification, I remember reading for the first time about the forests surrounding Chernobyl. One of the stories that came up in those surrounding the

28 May 2011

Bad Year For The News, pt 1

When I see people and they ask me what I’ve been doing lately, I usually take a step back and rub my eyes or forehead. I mean, really, where do you start? I usually let them tell their story first and if they’re still wanting me to tell them what

17 May 2011

Can We Find An Exit Without Totally Losing American Interests Or Dignity?

Before President Barry’s Mid-East speech in a couple days, I thought I’d set down a couple observations and maybe a solution or two. Heck, since he won’t listen anyway, why not a grand overarching scheme for the whole region? Couldn’t hurt, right? But first a couple basic questions. Do I

11 May 2011

Can Progressives Force A Quicker End To Foreign Wars?

I believe we can. By encouraging the national dialogue to focus on costs rather than battles. Costs that drive the deficit everyone hollers about already and for quite awhile. Costs that have outstripped the VA in it’s ability to respond to the shell-shocked and wounded. Costs that have piled up

11 May 2011

Can Progressives Shift the Vote In Swing Districts Come 2012?

Of course we can. The thing is we have to know where they are. One of the ways to do this is simply gather up the histories of the races in all the districts, look at the ballot tallies, investigate the candidates and make some decisions. Everybody knows the storied

10 May 2011

Private Sector Omniscience Inevitably Fails For All Of US

Despite current broadcasts, the private sector doesn’t have a corner on crystal balls. Regardless of how the media spins it or what hot topics the truthtellers or the pollyanna’s fan it this week. The fact is, they’re not any better telling the future or the truth than anybody else. Indeed

06 Apr 2011

The People Understand Impartiality of Judges Is Thing Of The Past

It has to be said. The electorate understands that elected judges are now political actors and that their political opinion effects their decisions on the bench. How else to explain the turnout, the mountains of $$ and news attention to last night’s vote on the Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin?

23 Mar 2011

World Press Finds Ink For Ivory Coast But That’s Not Enough

The last couple days has seen an increase in attention to the crisis in Cote d’Ivoire. In addition to warnings from the UN and warnings by ex-president Gbagbo threatening to crack down on reports dissenting from his point of view, the international press has at last begun to point out what has been obvious for months. Instead of a peaceful transition with the lawful election of Alassane Ouattara last November, the Gbagbo regime has instead refused to step down, held on to power, has quashed dissent with murder, attempted to silence the press reports coming from the country and daily attempts to increase his own personal power.

Today West African leaders (ECOWAS) met to restate their resolve in ending the crisis and also ask to the UN to do more. A statement of their conclusions is expected tomorrow.

The UN Peacekeeping mission points out the regime in place has been responsible for the deaths of 440 Ivoirians and are readying rocket launchers and attack helicopters. The UN also confirmed mortar rounds were launched last week into a busy market in Abidjan killing at least 25 people and wounding many more. This is one example of many such attacks. The Gbagbo regime denies such reports.

21 Mar 2011

Who’s Your Momma? Is That What Really Ails US?

I am constantly reminded how the US has no mommy. It’s all about daddy here who would rather take the kid to go hunting or shoot off rockets than scold him for not doing his homework or ‘clean your plate, wash your hands, don’t lie’. Think about it. We’ve never